Our Aspirations

We will continue to take on the challenge of creating a better future by strengthening our value creation process and investments in human capital.

Creating future standards through the value creation process of business promotion and reinforcing our business foundation.

At DNP, our corporate philosophy is “connecting individuals and society to provide new value.” Our business vision, meanwhile, calls for expanding our business around four growth areas through P&I innovation. To realize this philosophy, we are developing a value creation process, a dual approach that combines promoting our businesses and reinforcing their foundations.
This process involves identifying and analyzing social issues, people's expectations and megatrends, and then establishing “focus businesses” centered around profitability and market growth potential to build a robust business portfolio. We have identified digital transformation, longer human lifespans, smart cities and circular economies as megatrends, and are currently focusing on businesses related to IoT and next-generation communications, data distribution, mobility and the environment.
In promoting these businesses, we are making integrated use of both financial and non-financial capital (human, intellectual, manufacturing, natural, social and relationship capital). In addition to business development and environment-related investments, we are also accelerating our investments in human capital, the source of value creation.
DNP's efforts to create diverse value are long-term, looking 50 to 100 years into the future from the viewpoint of consumers. By setting interim goals and achieving each in turn, we aim to develop and provide different kinds of value that contributes to environmental, social and economic sustainability and to people's well-being (in other words, better and more fulfilling lives).

Illustration of the environmental, social and economic foundations that DNP values, as well as the value that DNP creates

Illustration of the sustainable global environmental, social and economic foundations that DNP values, as well as the value that DNP creates in order to realize comfortable, exciting and enriching lives.

Realizing a Third Corporate Founding that addresses consumer needs and delivers new value

DNP's two predecessors, Shueisha and Nisshin Printing, were founded in 1876 and 1907, respectively, and merged in 1935 to form Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. After World War II, the company briefly faced financial difficulties, but in 1951, under a Five-Year Reconstruction Plan, we promoted “expansion printing” with the aim of expanding into new business fields by applying and developing printing technologies in a unique way. We call this transformation, which created the three business segments of Information Communication, Lifestyles and Industrial Supplies, and Electronics, our Second Corporate Founding.
During this phase, we provided individual products and services mainly to respond to the needs of corporate clients. At present, however, circumstances in Japan and abroad are evolving dramatically, and this means DNP needs to observe and address the needs of society and consumers on our own.I believe we can realize, Creating future standards, only when DNP takes the lead in accurately grasping social issues and people’s expectations. We are currently taking a giant step beyond “solving customer issues” and moving toward “realizing a better, more sustainable society and enhanced well-being.” We regard this major transformation as our Third Corporate Founding and we are working hard to successfully complete this transformation.

Our Aspirations

“The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value.” This is our corporate philosophy and our aim is to provide new value with the total strengths of All DNP to realize its Third Corporate Founding.

Creating a better future by strengthening our investments in human capital

The DNP Group’s greatest strength in creating new value is the existence of each and every employee. All employees both in Japan and overseas are valuable human resources and serve as the driving force for our sustainable growth as a company. In recognition of this, we proactively and concretely invest in human resources and strengthen our human capital.
Underlying this is our desire to see each and every employee build on thier own strengths and grow to play an active role both inside and outside the company. The DNP Group also believes that respecting employees leads to the respected employees driving corporate growth and enriching society.
In fiscal 2022, we established this basic approach to our employees as our Human Capital Policy. This policy is positioned as the overriding principle underpinning all our visions, charter and declarations, relating to people (human resources) as we promote specific initiatives.
Regarding human rights and labor, which have become increasingly important in recent years, the DNP Group Code of Conduct advocates “Respect for human dignity and diversity” in recognizing the inherent diversity of all people, and stipulates that all employees conduct themselves in a disciplined manner. In 2020, we formulated the DNP Group Human Rights Policy, and we will strengthen initiatives for respecting human rights throughout the DNP Group, both in Japan and overseas.
Furthermore, to provide value to people living in diverse societies around the world, DNP will work to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the DNP Group. For example, we will strive to create new value by closing all gender gaps and enhancing the collective power of “All DNP” by synergizing the strengths of all our employees, regardless of disability or otherwise.

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