DNP's Vision for the Future and the Company

"Creating new value that connects individuals and society"

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we have been focusing on initiatives that provide even greater value to society and people, while always giving top priority to the health and safety of our suppliers, partners, employees, and their families. DNP's corporate philosophy is "The DNP Group connects individuals and society and provides new value." For example, DNP creates value that connects “people with medical care,” “people with education” and “people with clothing, food and housing.” DNP also provides mechanisms for people to connect with family, friends, and colleagues safely and securely. In response to the rapidly changing environment, society, and economy, we will provide products and services that connect people and society, not only by responding to change, but also by acting as agents of change ourselves. By taking initiative in this way, we look to create a better future by maximizing our corporate value. This involves first clarifying the kind of future we want to realize, establishing long-term strategies and intermediate targets, and concentrating management resources on our “focus businesses.”

Four Growth Areas

Four Growth Areas

Creating a better future with value unique to DNP

DNP’s value creation process begins with identifying social issues and people’s expectations. We create new value that meets people’s expectations while solving social issues by promoting our business vision “P&I Innovation.” Our strengths in P&I (Printing & Information) that we have cultivated from the starting point of the printing process are unique to DNP, distinguishing us from other companies. We will hone and synergize our strengths, including technologies such as information processing, microfabrication, precision coating and post-processing technologies along with our sales, planning, manufacturing, and human resources to expand our possibilities infinitely. Our connections with domestic and overseas partners, including tens of thousands of client companies, serve as DNP’s unique social and relationship-based capital. We will broaden the scope of our value creation and accelerate it by strengthening these partnerships. To promote these business advancements, we must utilize financial capital and non-financial capital consisting of human, intellectual, manufacturing, natural, social, and relationship-based capital in an integrated manner. We will focus on strengthening our financial foundation and non-financial capital to accelerate business expansion and grow sustainably. DNP will synergize its unique strengths together with numerous business partners to provide indispensable value to society and people.

What the DNP Group Aims To Be

Fig. What the DNP Group Aims To Be

Aiming to realize our Third Corporate Founding

DNP was formed in 1935 through the merager of two predecessor companies founded in 1876 and 1907. After developing its business mainly in the field of publication printing for about 75 years, in 1951, after World War II, the company adopted a Five-Year Reconstruction Plan and took up the challenge of expanding its business domain by applying and advancing printing technology. As a result, Dai Nippon Printing became one of the few integrated printing companies in the world, and we refer to this achievement as our Second Corporate Founding. During this phase, we provided individual products and services mainly in response to the needs of corporate clients. Today, however, DNP needs to take a different approach and focus on the importance of observing and analyzing society and people on our own. As circumstances in Japan and abroad evolve dramatically, we must take the lead in realizing our brand statement: Creating future standards. We regard this major shift as our Third Corporate Founding. In the past, we could respond by demonstrating individual strengths for each client company. However, during our Third Corporate Founding, we will utilize our individual strengths while also actively combining them to enhance synergy. In this way, we will revitalize our employees’ awareness while introducing change to the organizations and systems that support their activities, ensuring that we can deploy the total strengths of the entire DNP group.

Toward a bright future with diverse employees and partners as assets

The society we interact with today is made up of truly diverse people. To continuously provide the value that society and people desire, DNP first thoroughly promotes Diversity & Inclusion. For example, while working to close any gender gaps, we will synergize the strengths of all employees with or without disabilities in Japan and overseas and cooperate deeply with our numerous partners to raise the total strengths of the entire DNP group. Taking this to heart, we formulated a new Human Rights Policy in March 2020. After communicating the DNP Diversity Declaration internally and outside the company in July 2020, we publicly endorsed the Male 100% Childcare Leave Declaration made by the Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd. in December 2020. In April 2021, we issued the DNP Group Declaration on Health to strategically encourage employee health promotion and revitalize our organization. At DNP, we have a corporate culture of continuously taking on the challenge of promoting change. Looking ahead to the long term, we will continue to create new value so that people’s healthy lives will continue to shine in a sustainable society.

Human Rights and Labor

President's message

The Medium-term Management Plan
"Building on value creation from a long-range perspective"