Research and Development

Creating business drivers through research and development

Having expanded the scope of its business by applying and developing printing and information (P&I) technologies, DNP recognizes that research and development is a vital corporate activity. Amid dramatic changes in our global world today, we understand the need to uncover the challenges facing communities from the standpoint of consumers, and promptly respond by determining what kinds of technologies are necessary to overcome those challenges. Based on that approach, we strive to accelerate the pace of our technological development by proactively collaborating with other companies that possess cutting-edge technologies while developing our own proprietary technologies.

R&D case studies

DNP engages research and development projects to meet the needs of the times and to provide new value. The following sections showcase case studies of our R&D from the perspective of applying and developing technologies.

Developer Interviews

Discover the behind-the-scenes work of developers who have achieved breakthroughs in diverse business fields.。

Research and development structure

"DNP’s research and development is mainly carried out at its Research and Business Development Center, Technology Development Center, Advanced Business Center and the R&D departments of its business units."

R&D structure chart

Main R&D facilities

Research and development expenses (Consolidated)