Aseptic Solutions

High Performance Eco-Friendly Aseptic Filling System for PET bottles

DNP’s Aseptic Filling Machine for PET bottles.

■ Complete aseptic filling systems providing the most sterile and ecological way of ensuring superior product quality.

■ Proudly developed and manufactured in Japan since 1972 with world-renowned workmanship and attention to detail.

■ We offer trusted aseptic filling solutions to meet customer requirements.

”DNP Aseptic” is a registered trademark of DNP Aseptic.


  • Products: Tea, coffee, juice, beverages with pulp or particles, water and CSD
  • Bottle sizes: 100-2000ml
  • Bottle Opening & Finish: Mouth diameter 28Φ-38Φmm, screw and sports caps
  • Installations: >180 systems (Top share in Japan: >60%)
  • FDA approved: 7 systems (First approval for rotary type in 2005)
  • Registered patents on Asepsis: >400

Synchro System

Key Benefits

Our aseptic filling system has four benefits.

High Productivity

  • High speed aseptic filling system: Up to 72,000BPH (Bottle Per Hour)
  • High Efficiency: >98%
  • Faster changeovers: 1.0hr. (CSD), 1.5hr. (High acid), 2.0hr. (Low acid)
  • Production duration time: >150h for low acid products
  • Aseptic changeover: Product switching while maintaining aseptic conditions

F₀ Solution

F₀ Solution is an innovative way to significantly reduce SIP process time compared to conventional ones while maintaining aseptic performance. It can be applied to almost any aseptic processing equipment and filling machine that performs the SIP process, including UHT sterilizers, aseptic tanks, filling machines, and sterile air filters.
F₀ Solution not only enhances productivity but also minimizes environmental issues by reducing steam usage and CO2 emissions.

F₀ Solution


CSIP performs CIP and SIP simultaneously. This eliminates the need for traditional SIP processes and allows only high temperature, short duration CIP to be used between productions.


High Quality

  • High sterilization effect of preforms, bottles, caps (interior/exterior) and chamber: B.atrophaeus spores ≧ 6 Log reduction
  • Chamber sterilization: PAA & H₂O₂ sterilization (Maintaining high aseptic performance for more than 20 years)
  • Failure rates by media fill tests: Less than one contaminated bottle per 30,000-60,000 inspected bottles
  • Food safety and transparency: No need for preservatives
  • Full traceability: All filling, capping, and CCP data are recorded every second
  • Net weight filler for high accuracy
  • Reliable and robust capping by servo motors
  • N₂ high replacement rate of head space: >50% (Normal), >90% (Option)
  • Made in Japan

Lower TCO

  • H₂O₂ sterilization solutions: Saving energy, water and resin material
  • No need for bottle water rinsing
  • Aseptic carbonated beverage production: No need for a pasteurizer and heat-resistant bottles
  • Applicable for ultra lightweight and flexible bottle designs
  • Heat from blow molding process re-used for preform and bottle decontamination
  • GREEN ASEPTIC®: Non-thermal sterilization and aseptic blending technologies reduces energy consumption of UHT sterilizers by about 80% (at 5x dilution)

Vaporized H₂O₂ bottle sterilizer


DNP launched a new aseptic filling system for PET bottles with a Two-Step Sterilization system that combines preform and bottle decontamination. This has successfully reduced the size and TCO of aseptic filling systems. The Two-Step Sterilization process is one of the most sterile and reliable aseptic filling systems in the world.

Two-Step Sterilization



■ Reduction of CO2 emissions: Higher sterilization technologies with less energy consumption
■ Room temperature distribution
■ Extended shelf life and reduced food loss
■ New technology: GREEN ASEPTIC® utilizing non-thermal processing technologies of water sterilization


DNP’s first aseptic filling machine launched in 1976 to produce single-use coffee creamer packs. The system was designed to allow the UHT sterilized coffee creamer to be filled and sealed in a hydrogen peroxide-sterilized lid and base within an aseptic chamber. This concept has been the basis for the development and sale of various aseptic filling systems (PET bottle, Carton, Cup, Pouch, BIB, etc.) that use hydrogen peroxide sterilization for the last 50 years.


If you would like to gain a better understanding of what makes DNP Aseptic Filling Systems unique, please read these articles published in International Bottler & Packer, one of the world's leading magazine for the beverage packaging industry. You will soon understand why our systems continue to be chosen by and respected by beverage professionals worldwide.