Business Details

DNP Fine Chemicals strives to contribute to society and connect the present to the future through technology in order to create "Tomorrow's Basic (products that will be taken for granted in the future)".

We develop new technologies that will contribute to the society of tomorrow at our Tsukuba Development Center and DNP Fine Chemicals Utsunomiya.

Material design technology, processing dispersion technology, resin synthesis technology, and material evaluation technology

Our technological development team with advanced knowledge and technological skills is devoted in developing products.
We strive to respond quickly to changes in the chemicals field, an area of intense technological innovation, so that we can meet the needs of our clients in a conscientious and elaborate manner.

Display Materials

Display materials: We support the advanced information society of the future with technology that makes possible highly reliable displays with high-resolution, wide color gamut, and low power consumption.

Color resist for color filters

Imaging Materials

Imaging materials: We support printing in the digital era with solid material technologies.

Inkjet ink loaded on a inkjet printer

Electronic Industry Materials

Electronic industry materials: Our products make possible the precision working technology that evolves daily.

Electronic components such as semiconductor wafers

Functional Materials

Functional materials: We support state-of-the-art electronics with creative element technologies.

Displays and other peripherals