Creating future standards

By combining our unique technologies cultivated from the print industry with the strengths of our partners, we open opportunities, reduce emissions, and create a more vibrant world for all.



Functional films

  • Protect contents—Enrich life
  • Make living spaces comfortable—Give life meaning
  • Control heat—Create an eco-friendly society

DNP’s functional films for controlling light, heat, water and other elements provide new value to fields including packaging, electronics, automobiles, energy and life sciences.

Industrial materials

  • More efficient manufacturing
  • Keeping it clean
  • Better for the environment

DNP works to solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges, providing highly functional industrial materials that reduce burden on the environment and boost manufacturing efficiency.

Display components

  • Clean conversion technology
  • More vivid images and information
  • From smartphones to signage

Since the dawn of this industry, DNP has been involved in developing shadow masks for cathode-ray tubes, color filters and optical films for liquid crystal panels, and other technologies in this field. Staying a step ahead, DNP has developed components for displays including flexible liquid crystal displays, OLED displays and electronic paper in a field that continues to evolve.

Precision devices and components

  • Realizing ultrafine shapes at the nano-order level
  • Making smart devices more comfortable
  • From design and trial production to solutions

DNP provides microfabrication technology for semiconductors as well as precision devices and components in areas including electronics, vehicles, energy and life science, using circuit formation and electronic component mounting technology.

Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies


  • Eco-friendly packaging technology for sustainable development
  • Aseptic filling technology upgrades your products and production process
  • Functional material technology provides comfort to consumers

To date, DNP has developed a range of lifestyle-changing packaging. Based on this experience and our expertise, we add new value to meet the needs of society, within markets and for consumers.

Decorative printed materials

  • Producing high-quality spaces through applying rich textural expressions to a range of materials
  • The reliability and proven track record of our proprietary EB (electron beam) technology
  • Space proposal using design materials that appeal to the senses

DNP has been providing materials and parts to create spaces for over 60 years. We offer products for all six surfaces (four walls, ceiling and floor). We can also help with collaborative product development, planning and coordination. We help realize diverse lifestyle scenarios through our product variation.

Mobility solutions

  • To create new value beyond just Movement
  • Supporting communication between humanity and mobility
  • Aiming for Eco-Friendly Mobility Society
  • Acceleration of Digitalization for Mobility

We support the advancement of mobility environment by providing products and technologies as well as digital solutions.

Healthcare and life science

  • Application of microfabrication technology to regenerative medicine
  • Provision of packages with barrier films
  • Fusion of printing technology and information technology

DNP is developing new business fields in the life science sector by adding new technologies, including biotechnology, to the basic technology of its printing business and derived technologies. By doing so, we will help to improve people’s quality of life (QOL) and help them live each day to the fullest.

Information Communication

Printing and processing

  • Consistent quality control
  • Digitization to facilitate small-lot production
  • Printing expertise and solutions

DNP leverages its networks in Japan to provide consistent, high-quality services comprising everything from large-lot manufacturing to planning and design, DTP, printing, processing and delivery.

Photo imaging

  • High-quality printing
  • Safe and dependable security systems
  • Developing services according to needs and applications

DNP is expanding the supply of high-quality sublimation thermal transfer media and printers at the global level. Secure systems are used for products and services related to the handling of image data, including filming, processing and output sales, as well as cloud-based image sales.

Business solutions

  • Enhancement of hologram products
  • Enhancement of card printers
  • We provide value beyond time and place using VR and AR technology

DNP uses its strengths stemming from the integration of Printing and Information (P&I) technology to provide solutions corresponding to its customers’ business problems, from the clarification of the issue at hand, to the specification of products and services, product manufacture and service construction.