SID Display Week 2023

DNP Booth

May 23rd - May 25th, 2023
Los Angeles Convention Center, CA, USA
9:00~17:00(First day 10:30~ start, Final day ~15:00 close)

This event has finished.

About SID Display Week 2023

SID Display Week 2023

SID Display Week is one of the world's largest exhibitions in the electronic display industry held in the US. Every year, display related researchers and business personnel gather to see state of the art technology and products.

Exhibition Concept

DNP offers one of the world's most advanced fine patterning, precise coating, and ultra-fine etching techniques.

Exhibition Concept


Exhibited Products and Technologies

DNP's key technologies include photolithography, etching, and highly uniform coating. DNP will be exhibiting 7 products this year, which are divided into three main categories.

Nanometer Zone

Wet type LR film with excellent scratch resistance. Achieves both high scratch resistance and flexibility. It can be used as a display surface for laptops, tablets, automotive displays, and foldable devices.

Super Hard Wet LR

We utilize our nanoscale fabrication technologies to manufacture master molds for DOEs. We offer nanoimprinting services that range from design to prototyping and mass production.

Diffractive Optical Element (DOE)​

Micrometer Zone

DNP’s micro-patterning and optical design capabilities enable several-micrometer deep, 2.5D designs to be fabricated on a large flat surface.

Micro-Structures on Large Size Film/Substrate

DNP's chemical etching technology enables ultra-fine processing of metals which can provide many added functionalities in a wide range of markets.

Fine Metal Processing Technology

DNP is developing an LC-DOE using a Roll-to-Roll process.
LC-DOEs can control the light in any direction.

Liquid Crystal ​Diffractive Optical Element​

Sub-Millimeter Zone

DNP’s “Turning Prism” backlight system improves the performance of LCD modules while also contributing to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

Turning Prism System

A film for in-vehicle displays that prevents the light from the display from being reflected on the windshield while driving at night and improves the visibility of the driver by improving the brightness when viewed from the driver's seat.

Louver Array Film (LAF)​

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