Industrial Materials

The DNP Group provides highly functional industrial materials.

Three points

  • More efficient manufacturing

  • Keeping it clean

  • Better for the environment

The DNP Group works to solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges, providing highly functional industrial materials that reduce burden on the environment and boost manufacturing efficiency.

  • Point1More efficient manufacturing

    The DNP Group has high-definition patterning technology cultivated through printing expertise, including photolithography, chemical etching, and anti-adherent processing.

  • Point2Keeping it clean

    The DNP Group has clean conversion technology cultivated through printing expertise, including membrane coating, deposition and lamination.

  • Point3Customized support

    The DNP Group offers support for individual customers’ needs, including design technology, material development technology and evaluation analysis technology.


Main products and services

  • Clean bags
  • Chemical carrying bags
  • Adhesive films
  • Carrier tape for parts shipments
  • Heat welding films

We welcome detailed material requests and inquiries regarding the solutions introduced on this page.
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