Display Components

The DNP Group uses state-of-the-art technology to provide components for the ever-evolving display components field.

Three points

  • Clean Converting Technology

  • More vivid images and information

  • From smartphones to signage

Since the dawn of this industry, The DNP Group has been involved in developing shadow masks for cathode-ray tubes, color filters and optical films for liquid crystal panels, and other technologies in this field. Staying a step ahead, DNP has developed components for displays including flexible liquid crystal displays, OLED displays and electronic paper in a field that continues to evolve.

  • Point1Clean converting technology

    DNP will utilize converting technologies, including precision thin clean coating film and liquid crystal coating, based on the Group's unique optical design technology that provides optical film products with diverse functions.

  • Point2Vivid images and information

    The most important factor in display equipment is color reproduction. DNP conducts its color management in-house, from color design and color material development to evaluation and analysis, with the capacity that only a printing company possesses.

  • Point3From smartphones to signage

    DNP has achieved stable production over a large area with high-speed manufacturing equipment, realizing low cost and improvements in productivity and yield. We can supply display components in a range of formats and sizes in response to customer needs.


Main products and services

  • Test charts
  • Fine metal masks for OLED manufacturing
  • Liquid crystal color filters
  • Optical films for displays
  • Touch panel sensors
  • Photomasks for displays
  • Transparent screens
  • Display materials
  • Electronic shades

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