Photo Imaging

The DNP Group provides a wide range of products and services related to imaging.

Three points

  • High-quality printing

  • Safe and dependable security systems

  • Developing services according to needs and applications

The DNP Group is expanding the supply of high-quality sublimation thermal transfer media and printers at the global level. Secure systems are used for products and services related to the handling of image data, including filming, processing and output sales, as well as cloud-based image sales.

  • Point1High-quality printing

    The Group offers a photo printing service featuring printers that use proprietary technology to create high-quality sublimation thermal transfer media. The Group also offers online services including photo books produced using high-quality on-demand printing.

  • Point2Safe and dependable security systems

    The Group creates solutions based its proprietary high-level security standards. The DNP Group manages all processes internally, from data storage to printing. The risk of information leakage is managed through advanced security systems.

  • Point3Developing services according to demands and applications

    The Group offers services for our customers’ image-related needs and applications, from content including paintings and artwork to photo books, various types of employee ID cards and membership cards, and photo services for events.


Main products and services

Photo solutions
A wide range of printing services tailored to needs and applications
Photo print system
A system that integrates a printer and a reception terminal to provide high-quality prints
Software that allows high value-added photos to be printed immediately
Digital printers
High-quality, high-speed compact sublimation printers
Sublimation media
High-quality sublimation thermal transfer media made possible through DNP’s printing technologies