Business Solutions

The DNP Group provides solutions tailored to its customers' operational and business needs.

Three points

  • Enhancement of hologram products

  • Enhancement of card printers

  • We provide value beyond time and place using VR and AR technology.

The DNP Group uses its strengths stemming from the integration of printing and information technology (P&I) to provide solutions corresponding to its customers' business problems, from the clarification of the issue at hand, to the specification of products and services, product manufacture and service construction.

  • Point1Enhancement of hologram products

    DNP is a world leading manufacturer of security products. With its longstanding experience and cutting-edge hologram technologies, DNP provides innovative solutions for high security applications, including authentication of financial documents, identification documents and high-end brand products.

  • Point2Enhancement of card printers

    In 1994, DNP, as a leading supplier of dye-sublimation ink ribbons and smart cards, started the desktop ID card printer business. We are a pioneer in the desktop ID card printer market and have maintained our market position as a supplier of innovative products.

  • Point3We provide value beyond time and place using VR and AR technologies

    DNP creates worlds where new experiences that eclipse space and time can be had through VR, as well as worlds made possible through AR, where information is superimposed onto the real world, allowing it to be acquired naturally.

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