DNP Group Social Media Policy

In regard to the attitude and behavior to be observed by the operator and DNP Group employees in the operation of social media within the DNP Group, the following guidelines are established.

Mindset for social media operation

Basic attitude

  • Comply with various laws, as well as the DNP Group Code of Conduct and internal regulations such as the Employment Rules established by each company within the DNP Group, and act with common sense.
  • Adhere to these rules to appropriately manage and operate social media accounts.
  • Utilize valuable experiences gained through communication on social media for future business.

Understanding the characteristics of media

  • Recognize that social media creates new communication opportunities as a platform for expressing the operator's thoughts. On the other hand, understand that misuse can lead to new communication risks and various responsibilities.
  • Always be aware that information posted on the internet can be accessed by a wide range of users, and once information is disseminated, it cannot be completely deleted.

Awareness of speaking on social media as a DNP Group employee

  • Recognize the significant impact of speaking on social media as a DNP Group employee and always speak sincerely with an attitude of "dialogue" and "listening.”
  • Understand that the individual expression of a DNP Group employee can affect the brand reputation of the DNP Group and act with a sense of responsibility.
  • Even when using a personal account, actions (statements, sharing, likes, etc.) on social media may be visible to stakeholders such as customers. Understand that even if it is content related to personal matters, someone online may express dissatisfaction with the actions of a DNP Group employee and post it.
  • Speak with accurate information based on facts and clearly indicate the source of information.
  • Exercise consideration to avoid damaging the honor of third parties through infringement of intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, as well as acts of defamation (insults, defamation, discriminatory expressions), and violations of other related regulations.

To everyone using DNP Group's official social media accounts

  • Not all information shared by DNP Group employees on official social media accounts necessarily represents the official announcements or views of DNP Group. Official announcements and views of DNP Group are communicated through the official website and news releases.
  • The DNP Group Social Media Policy will be continuously reviewed to adapt to the evolving social media environment.

DNP Group Social Media Community Guidelines

When using the social media official accounts operated by DNP Group and the associated services (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'this service'), please read and agree to the DNP Group Social Media Community Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as 'these guidelines') and the terms of use specified by each social media platform.

1. Definition of social media and official accounts

In these guidelines, "social media" refers to platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, where individuals use the internet to share information with a wide audience or engage in mutual information exchange. An "official account" is an account guaranteed by DNP Group as being operated by DNP Group employees, who are involved in its management.

2. Scope of application of these guidelines

These guidelines apply to all users of this service. By using this service, users are considered to have accepted these guidelines.

3. Operation policy of this service

We operate this service in accordance with the DNP Group Social Media Policy and the terms of use set by each social media platform.

4. Handling of personal information

For information regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to the websites of each group company operating this service.

5. Prohibited activities

Please refrain from the following activities regarding this service. If a user engages in any of the following, we may take necessary actions such as hiding or deleting relevant posts, blocking accounts, without prior notice:

  • Acts that infringe on the rights of DNP Group, other users, or third parties
  • Acts that violate the property or privacy of DNP Group, other users, or third parties
  • Act that harm the credibility or reputation of DNP Group, other users, or third parties
  • Act that defame or slander DNP Group, other users, or third parties
  • Acts of identifying, disclosing, leaking personal information or confidential information, or acts that may infer such information
  • Acts that violate public order and morals, or laws and regulations, or acts that may pose such a risk
  • Acts of providing information that includes harmful, obscene, or violent content or depictions thereof
  • Acts associated with criminal activities or that may pose a risk thereof
  • Election campaigning or similar activities
  • Proselytizing or solicitation activities related to specific religions, organizations, or groups
  • Acts that may hinder smooth communication
  • Quarreling, sarcasm, temporary emotional expressions, or any other actions that may cause discomfort to other users
  • Impersonation using the name of real individuals or organizations
  • Advertising, promotion, or acts for profit
  • Spamming, multiple or repetitive postings
  • Posting or sending harmful computer programs or entering computers using borrowed names or addresses
  • Any other acts that violate these guidelines
  • Any other acts deemed inappropriate by DNP Group for reasonable reasons

6. Disclaimer

  • The DNP Group does not guarantee to respond to all posts on this service.
  • The DNP Group does not assume the obligation to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information on this service.
  • The DNP Group is not responsible for any damages arising from other user's use or inability to use this service.
  • The DNP Group does not assume any responsibility for comments posted by other users.
  • The DNP Group is not responsible for disputes or conflicts that may arise between other users or between other users and third parties related to this service.
  • Each social media platform is operated by its respective operator's system. Therefore, we cannot provide any answers to the operational status, usage methods, or other technical questions related to each social media platform.
  • The operation of this service by the DNP Group may be terminated without notice.

7. Intellectual property rights, etc.

  • Copyrights related to posts belong to the users who made the post. By making the post, the user grants DNP Group the right to use the posted content worldwide free of charge, and non-exclusively within the scope necessary for the promotion of DNP Group's business (including reproduction, modification, extraction, translation, publication, distribution, etc.) The user also agrees not to exercise moral rights against DNP Group for such use.
  • Users may not replicate, modify, distribute, publish, or broadcast information or content obtained through this service beyond the scope necessary for use of this service without obtaining the consent of the rights holder.
  • Users may not infringe upon the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights etc., of DNP Group, DNP Group employees, or third parties, nor should they damage honor, reputation, etc., in the use of this service.

8. Change to these guidelines

DNP Group may change these guidelines without prior notice to users.

Established: September 1, 2023