Precision Devices and Components

The DNP Group develops nano-level microfabrication technology based on its experience in semiconductor materials.

Three points

  • Realizing ultrafine shapes at the nano-order level

  • Making smart devices more comfortable

  • From design and trial production to solutions

The DNP Group provides microfabrication technology for semiconductors as well as precision devices and components in areas including electronics, vehicles, energy and life science, using circuit formation and electronic component mounting technology.

  • Point1Realizing ultrafine shapes at the nano level

    The DNP Group possesses nano-order microfabrication technology that can handle a wide variety of materials, including glass, metal, resin and silicon.

  • Point2Making smart devices more comfortable

    The DNP Group aims to shorten the product development period for customer companies through collaborative development with partners and outsourced development with assigned roles.

  • Point3From design and trial production to solutions

    The DNP Group offers assistance at all stages of the manufacturing process, including design and manufacture of parts and materials, as well as module boards and electronic equipment used in system solutions.


Main products and services

  • Semiconductor photo masks
  • Nanoimprinting solutions
  • Etching products
  • Optical elements
  • MEMS manufacturing
  • Heat-resistant adhesive films
  • NFC modules
  • Image Processing LSI

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