Functional Films

The DNP Group provides new value by bringing functionality to films.

Three points

  • Protect contents
    —Enrich life

  • Make living spaces comfortable
    —Provide a better life

  • Control heat
    —Create an eco-friendly society

The DNP Group’s functional films for controlling light, heat, water and other elements provide new value to fields including packaging, electronics, automobiles, energy and life sciences.

  • Point1Protect contents—Enrich life

    DNP supplies Transparent Barrier Film with a high level of barrier performance against water vapor and oxygen.

  • Point2Make living spaces comfortable—Give life meaning

    DNP supplies products that make use of optical control technologies developed in the field of antireflection films for displays.

  • Point3Control heat—Create an eco-friendly society

    The flexible nature and light weight of films make them suitable for vehicle applications.


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Main products and services

  • Pouches for lithium ion batteries
  • Solar cell parts (back sheets, sealing materials, bus line sheets)
  • Transparent barrier films
  • Window films (lighting, light modulation)
  • Reflemo
  • Touch panel sensors
  • Multifunctional insulation boxes
  • Vacuum insulation materials for exteriors

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