MWC Barcelona 2024

26 - 29 February 2024
Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
8:30 - 19:00 (last day: closing at 16:00)

This event has finished.

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Exhibition concept

When building a wireless communication area for 5G and Beyond 5G (6G) communication standards, DNP utilizes proprietary core technologies, such as Microfabrication Technology and Precision Coating Technology to overcome radio wave environmental challenges. We develop products that help solve such issues, and will introduce them to visitors from around the world at the DNP booth.

5G Network Coverage solutions

DNP is applying our optical film technology to radio waves in order to develop solutions that resolve challenges of the wireless communication environment in 5G and Beyond 5G (6G). Our 5G Network Coverage Solutions enable more efficient building of 5G wireless communication environments while also considering spatial design.

Product on display

The 5G Film Antenna is compatible with the sub6 waveband of 5G communication. It has wood and stone designs that harmonize with living spaces and flexibility that enables installation on curved surfaces. In addition, our unique EB coating technology improves weather and scratch resistance. By combining these features, 5G Film Antenna blends into our daily lives.

News release : DNP Develops 5G-Sub6 Waveband Film-Type Antenna

The Reflect Array is a passive device that operates without consuming power and improves communication quality. It is possible to design a variety of reflection angles and diffusion angles for the Sub6 and mmWave band used in 5G and Beyond 5G (6G).
High-Precision Markers are used to position the Reflect Array at precise locations and angles.

Transparent EMI shield films can prevent​ electromagnetic interference from external noise. By attaching the EMI shield films to a window, it is possible to suppress the intrusion of external electromagnetic waves without compromising window transparency. Ability of EMI shielding films can be customized to your target requests.​

News release : New Transparent Conductive Film Development

Transparent Antenna Film has invisible metal wiring formed on the film in the form of an ultra-fine mesh. DNP's microfabrication technology achieves both high transparency with a transmittance of over 85% and low resistivity. As a result, the antenna function can now be added to a variety of 5G-compatible products not only on mobile devices, but also IoT devices without compromising the design.

News release : DNP Develops Transparent Antenna Film for 5G Compatible Products

The 5G Radio Wave Absorption Sheet selectively absorbs only radio waves of specific frequencies to prevent leakage and interference. Through careful use of materials and design, it has achieved a significant reduction in thickness and weight. In addition, our unique EB coating technology improves weather and scratch resistance.

News release : DNP Develops Thin and Light-Weight Sheet that Selectively Absorbs Radio Waves in 5G Band

About MWC Barcelona 2024 - Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion exhibits advanced technologies and solutions of innovative Japanese ICT companies. The pavilion is supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan, which leads research and development of ICTs and contributes to solve global issues through promoting worldwide deployment of ICTs. We look forward to introducing you the Japan's latest digital technologies and solutions at Hall 6, space 6E54.

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