SID Display Week 2024

DNP Booth

May 14th - May 16th, 2024
San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California
9:00~17:00(First day 10:30~ start, Final day ~15:00 close)

This event has finished.

About SID Display Week 2024

SID Display Week is one of the world's largest exhibitions in the electronic display industry held in the US. Every year, display related researchers and business personnel gather to see state of the art technology and products.

Exhibited products and technologies

DNP is a leading company for advanced fine patterning, precise coating and ultrafine etching technologies. This year, we will mainly showcase the products and technologies that are related to AR glasses and VR headsets.

Products Summary and Advantages
Waveguide for AR Glasses ・DNP has established a “one-stop shop solution” for the AR glasses market, from mold fabrication to device wafer manufacturing.
・DNP is pursuing mass production of high precision waveguides for AR glasses by taking advantage of the superiority of a “hard to hard” imprinting process through an alliance with SCIVAX Inc.
Transparent Antenna Film ・Fine mesh film with high transparency and conductivity.
・Invisible fine metal wiring on transparent film enables antenna functionalities without compromising the design.
LC-DOE (Liquid Crystal - Diffractive Optical Element) ・Thin film-like optical element that can diffract light.
・The direction of the diffracted light depends on the direction of polarization of the incident light.
Light Control Film ・Light Control Film can instantaneously switch between clear and dark state with an electrical charge by Guest-Host Liquid Crystal (GHLC) method.
Formable Functional Film ・Through utilizing DNP’s optical film expertise, we have developed formable functional films for a variety of different 3D-shaped applications.
Collimator Lens-Embedded Diffractive Optical Element (CL-DOE) ・DNP has developed a new type of DOE in which the functions of a collimator lens and DOE are integrated, using optical design, master mold fabrication and nanoimprinting.
Low Birefringence Polymer ・Birefringence causes light leakage and image focus distortion.
・DNP’s polymer has almost zero birefringence and a high glass transition temperature.
Light Source for Eye Tracking ・Multiple lights are emitted to a user's eye through a light guide that is placed on a frame or lens.
・By using a light guide with multiple radiation points, the number of LEDs can be reduced when compared to a general “eye tracking” system.

Video : DNP to Exhibit at SID Display Week 2024 (01:19)