Protect foldable displays

Flexible Hard Coat Film

A hard coat film that has excellent hardness, flexibility, and scratch resistance, and is suitable for the surface of foldable displays.

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Do you have these problems?

I want to realize a display that can be bent with high hardness.
I want a film that has excellent scratch resistance and can replace glass.
I want to add various other functions.


In recent years, "foldable" displays have been attracting attention in the global smartphone market. Although it is a normal size in the folded state, foldable type smartphone devices are being announced one after another by major companies around the world as devices that can be used as a large screen when unfolded.
DNP has developed a high-hardness and flexible film to support foldable displays.


Hard coat film for foldable display
■ Both "hard and bendable"
■ Achieves scratch resistance close to glass
■ Functions such as antistatic and antifouling properties can be added

Technical details

A hard coat film made by DNP's clean converting technology. We have achieved "appropriate repeated bending" that is compatible with foldable smartphones and "high hardness" that is a contradictory element.
As the bending direction, it is possible to handle either inward bending or outward bending. In addition, we have a high quality control system for materials for smartphones, manufacturing processes, and shipping inspections.

Utilization scene

・ Foldable smartphones, laptops, tablets
・ Rollable display

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