What is Mono-material package?

DNP Mono-material Package

Mono-material package is typically a PP or PE-based packaging that provides recyclability. DNP mono-material package further focuses on maintaining a variety of functions such as barrier, stiffness, sealability, heat-resistance, etc. In response to environmental issues such as marine plastic pollution or global warming, increasing number of sustainable packagings are being used around the world. Mono-material package is being focused, in order to realize a circular economy.

Photo of the Mono-material package

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Why is it innovative?

Many flexible packagings for food and daily necessities are made from different materials with different properties to provide various functions such as preservation of contents and robustness of the packaging. On the other hand, flexible packagings made of multiple materials are difficult to be recycled since the separation to each material group is quite challenging by its nature. Mono-material package makes it easier to recycle and improve the quality of the post-recycled material.

One of the main challenges of making mono-material package is that the function of protecting the contents is diminished. By adding high barrier properties to PP or PE-based film using our unique converting technology, DNP Barrier Mono-material package can retain high level of oxygen and water vapor barrier properties without using aluminum foil, metalized PET film or PET-based transparent vapor deposition film. Transparent high barrier olefin structure is also currently under development.

We provide super high barrier mono-material package


Aluminum metalized Mono PP structure OTR<0.1cc/㎡, WVTR<0.2g/㎡

Aluminum metalized Mono PE structure OTR<0.5cc/㎡, WVTR<0.3g/㎡.

※Actual figure only, not guarantee basis.



PP mono-material Package Description: OTR<0.1cc/m2.WVTR<0.2g/m2.

Photo of the PP Mono-material packages


PE mono-material Package Description: OTR<0.3cc/m2.WVTR<0.3g/m2.

Photo of the PE Mono-material packages

DNP mono-material packages are available in:

Roll image photo

Roll for FFS

Standing up pouch image photo

Standing Up Pouch

Flat pouch image photo

Flat Pouch

Applicable sensitive product examples:

Dry food

Dry Food



Pet food

Pet Food

Personal care

Personal Care

Home care

Home Care





We work with you to optimize sealing performance that would maximize your packaging machine productivity.

How to design for recycling

As this packaging material is made of greater than 90% PP or PE, it is possible to conform to the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX) guidelines, which are published by a European consortium promoting the recycling economy in the flexible packaging industry.

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