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DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbon

We supply high quality and high value added ribbons used for barcodes and date printing on logistics and food packaging.

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DNP began to develop thermal transfer media in the early 1980s. With a full range of high-quality products, DNP has earned a top share of the industry's global market.

DNP offers a broad product lineup, including TR4085Plus, a premium wax that is highly regarded around the world, and R300, a highly label adaptive resin ribbon. Resin ribbons, which particularly requires high performance and stable quality, are one of DNP's strengths, and we have earned the trust of our customers through it.

We have established a manufacturing system that enables small-lot, extensive products, just-in-time delivery. And we supply products to the market through printer manufacturers and label manufacturers.

DNP's Thermal Transfer Technology

We provide high quality with high added value ribbons that are widely used for barcodes in logistics and date printing on food packaging materials.

Thermal Mass Transfer System

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Thermal Transfer Ribbon is produced by uniformly coating the wax ink mixed with carbon & color pigments with the thickness of several microns to a thin polyester film of 3 - 6 micron thickness. The coated film is used for barcode printing. When heat is transferred via thermal print head on to the film, the heated area only melts and the ink is transferred to the paper.

DNP’s Exclusive Technology

Anti-static property

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbon are designed to prevent static generation inside the printer, which greatly reduces risk of damage to printhead and printer mechanism. Another advantage of this feature is easy handling for operators.

High performance back coat

With DNP's exclusive ink technology and coating technology, our back coat gives printhead protection and high print performance and can minimize damage to your printer using DNP’s ribbon.


DNP offers various high quality monochrome thermal transfer ribbons with an extreme durability against solvents, abrasions and heat.
In addition, DNP develops and manufactures high value added special ribbons like monochrome color, gold, and silver.
Thermal Transfer Ribbons are not only used for barcodes, but also expanding to broader application. Some of the examples are date print on food packages, bottle decoration labels and ID cards.

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DNP's exclusive wax ribbon offers excellent print quality for a variety of applications including shipping, logistics, inventory, horticulture, shelf, retail and pharmaceutical. Our wax ribbon is formulated with DNP's exclusive back coat technology and comes standard with special anti-static properties for easy handling and superior printhead protection.


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Wax/Resin ribbons are unique in formulation and function. The most critical quality they have to possess is the ability to print on a broad array of label substrates from high-end glossy paper to low-end synthetics. Fortunately, DNP’s wax/resin formulations lead the industry in label adaptability and durability.


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DNP’s full line of resin ribbons offers extreme durability against solvents and abrasions, so you can confidently choose the right ribbon for the right application. Our resin ribbons are specially formulated with our exclusive back coat technology and come standard with DNP’s special anti-static properties for easy handling and superior printhead protection.


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DNP offers a full range of vivid and bold colors for thermal transfer ribbon applications. DNP also offers metallic silver and gold. Please contact us for further information.



Image for Automotive

Barcodes applied onto thousands of parts used in an automobile are printed with extremely durable DNP TTR that can withstand the high solvent, heat and abrasive conditions of automotive manufacturing plants.

Gasoline, engine oil, and transmission fluid are just some of the harsh chemicals that can be found under the hood. Our ribbon produces barcodes that are chemical resistant and hold up to tough working conditions.


Image for Chemicals

Chemical drums carry everything from caustic liquids to inert powders. The labels and TTR printing must withstand all kinds of environmental conditions associated with storage, usage and transportation. From resisting abrasion to standing up to solvents, a highly durable ribbon is needed for this type of application.


Image for Compliance

National and international laws dictate that everything from UL labels to hazardous materials stickers contain important safety and identification information. In some cases, labels and their printing have to last the life of the product. Longevity, durability and readability are essential.


Image for Electronics

The harsh environment of electronics manufacturing and assembly requires labels and TTR printing that are tough and durable. A barcode affixed to the base of a circuit board before the manufacturing process begins must withstand extreme heat and solvents until it's a finished product. Just-in-time manufacturing increases the need for electronic components to have barcoded information. These labels and printing have to be tough enough to help the assembling facility track and process all parts related to the manufacturing of a product.

Food & Beverage

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Printing of "best by" dates and lot numbers has increased as food safety becomes a growing concern among consumers. Expiration dates and lot number tracking is critically important in the event of a product recall. Images must remain legible for tracking information. In addition, other applications such as barcodes, part numbers and item numbers require durability.
Printing barcodes on flexible packages is normally an integrated part of the assembly line process. The inline thermal transfer printer prints directly onto the substrate, typically a bag or some other type of container. Wax and wax/resin ribbons are commonly used in this application for printing on plastic bags (polybags) and do not have to be specially designed for this operation.
In the case of food packaging using inline direct packaging printing on polypropylene or other food and beverage bags, ribbons are specially formulated for compatibility with the substrate, as well as printing at high speeds.

Health & Beauty

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The healthcare industry regularly uses barcodes to capture critical information for tracking patients and testing samples. These barcodes require TTR printing that is abrasion and solvent resistant. Cosmetics, such as perfume and lipstick, are often packaged in chipboard boxes. They need reliable thermal transfer printing of important information such as date, manufacturer and lot codes.

Inventory & Logistics

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Inventory barcodes are critical to the efficiency of the manufacturing and distribution process.
They contain useful information about a company's inventory or stock quantities. Barcoding for logistical purposes is helpful and time saving. Tracking product lines helps ensure quality both inside a manufacturing facility and after point of sale. Both applications require labeling and thermal transfer printing that exhibits superior abrasion resistance and longevity.


Image for Outdoor

Outdoor labeling requires TTR printing that can withstand weather conditions, hot or cold, rain or shine. These applications also have to hold up to other factors such as abrasions and solvents found in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. No matter what the extreme, an extremely durable ribbon is needed.


Image for Pharmaceutical

Barcoding is becoming mandatory for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Tracking the manufacturing of a specific drug or device is critical for the supplier and the consumer. It's important for a pharmaceutical company to control and regulate the inventory of a specific drug, as well as for the local pharmacy to control the consumer supply of that drug. It's imperative for a medical device manufacturer to provide complete traceability. Both applications require printing that is crisp and durable.


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Barcode labeling is essential to the retail industry. It enables them to streamline inventory tracking, pricing, shelf stocking and check-out times. A ribbon with good durability is required for applications of this nature. Smart labels combine both RFID and barcode technologies into one label. While both RFID and barcodes provide the same tracking abilities, smart labels are widely becoming the best solution for integrating RFID technology into retail anti-theft and security applications. The barcodes provide a human readable component that is still necessary in supply chain management.

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