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DNP Dye-sublimation Thermal Transfer

DNP provides high quality dye-sublimation thermal transfer media and printers, utilizing the printing technologies that DNP has developed. DNP media and printers are now being used around the world, recognized for their reliable technology and quality, ability to meet global needs, and stable production and supply systems.

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Dye-sublimation thermal transfer media

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A high-quality dye-sublimation thermal transfer media is realized by DNP's printing technologies cultivated over many years. The smooth tonal gradations unique to sublimation enable high quality glossy/matte prints, and we also have a lineup of special media such as metallic paper. Printed photos are highly durable against water and fingerprints due to the overcoat finish. We supply the most suitable media for various applications such as photo prints, sticker prints, ID photo and medical related photos, etc., all over the world.


Table for DS620 media spec


Pure Premium Digital

Table for DS820 pure premium digital media spec


Table for DS820 digital media spec


Table for DS-RX1HS media spec

Dye-sublimation digital photo printer

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DNP's dye-sublimation digital photo printers offer models to meet a wide variety of customer photo output needs.The front-loading design allows easy replacement of consumables, easy maintenance, and easy incorporation into your printing system. The printers themselves are also highly durable, supporting a stable, long-term printing business.


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One of the most reliable and cost effective printer that will boost your Photo business.
DS620 is to take over as the new flagship model in DNP's printer line-up.
The new key feature is Reliability, Economics, Throughput, High-Quality finish and Great choice of format.

2x6", 3.5x5", 4x6", 4.5x6", 5x5", 5x7", 6x6", 6x8", 6x9"

GLOSSY, MATTE, FINE MATTE and LUSTER FINISH all available with one media


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The Excellent photo printing solution for 8 inch format.
DS820 offers two grades of consumables, variety of print surface as well as great choice of formats including A4 and panoramic prints.
High density mode enables even enhanced image expressions.

4x8", 5x8", 6x8", 8x8", 8x10", 8x12", A5, A4
8x26"*, 8x32"*, 210mmx789mm*
(* SDK required)

Pure Premium Digital, Digital

GLOSSY, MATTE, FINE MATTE and LUSTER all available with each media grade.


Image for DS-RX1HS

The printer that expands your business
with faster speed,high quality and affordability.
・Faster Printing Speed
・Low Investment
・Economic Media
・Large Print Capacity

2x6", 3.5x5", 4x6", 5x7", 6x8"

GLOSSY and MATTE FINISH both available with one media

High-speed mode, Gloss finish
4x6"(102x152mm): Approx 12.4 sec
5x7"(127x178mm): Approx 19.9 sec
6x8"(152x203mm): Approx 21.9 sec

Dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology

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Thermal dye transfer system uses its own dedicated ink ribbon and receiver paper for photo printing. The ink ribbon is coated with three basic color dye ink (yellow, magenta & cyan) on a thin polyester film. Along with this ink ribbon, another dedicated resin-coated receiver paper is needed for fixing the transferred dye. Thermal dye transfer system forms high-definition image by transferring each color dye of ink ribbon (yellow, magenta & cyan) on to the receiver paper in proportion to the heat volume released from the print head.


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