Realize low reflection and high surface hardness

Optical Film(AGLR/Clear LR)

With its high visibility, excellent surface hardness, and smudge-proof function, it can be used in a variety of applications such as TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and automotive displays.

Left display :without Optical Film of DNP, right display :with Optical Film of DNP

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We have a lineup of glare-free, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint AGLRs, which are widely used on the top surface of automotive displays.
・AMH7-LR:special PET substrate is used to prevent blackout at low cost.

・KSL-3A:It has excellent surface hardness, good fingerprint resistant, and can be used on the top surface.
・DSG-17(Z):Ultra-low reflection prevents glare and ensures high visibility.

 Products that combine ultra-low reflection and ultra-hardness are under development.

Product lineup

Optical Film product lineup

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