DNP Acquires Anti-Bacteria and Anti-Virus Certification for Anti-Glare Film

Will maintain optical and functional properties needed for display film

Tokyo, October 31, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has acquired SIAA certification from The Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) related to an anti-bacterial and anti-viral for anti-glare film developed for laptop computers, monitors and TV displays. The newly certified product will be available from October 31.

Anti-glare film is an optical film that is used on the upper most layer of a display to reduce glare from illuminations and external light, making the screen easier to see. DNP maintains the world's top market share1 for surface-treated films for displays.

By adding SIAA-certified anti-glare film to our product line-up, we will be in a position to provide a safer, more secure, hygienic and comfortable environment to consumers. 

Image of anti-glare film for displays with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and SIAA certification mark.

Developmental Background

Demand is on the rise from telework, remote work and other home-based activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a result of the market for various displays is strong. In addition, as the number of laptop computers equipped with touch panels increases, the need for surface film for displays that incorporate anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that reduce contact infection risk has also risen. 

In response to these needs, DNP has utilized the coating technology developed in-house over many years, and by optimizing the materials has successfully developed a new product with anti-bacterial and anti-viral performance capabilities that also maintain the functions seen in the anti-glare film available to date, such as film thickness properties along with optical, scratch resistance, and anti-fouling properties. 


1. SIAA certified antibacterial and anti-viral performance capabilities

The newly developed anti-glare film for displays incorporates anti-bacterial properties compliant with ISO22196, and anti-viral properties compliant with ISO21702, and has also acquired SIAA certification. It maintains the ability to reduce bacteria and viruses by 99% or more after 24 hours compared to currently available products that have not been treated in such a manner.

SIAA is an organization of manufacturers and testing institutions for the popularization of appropriate and secure treated Antibacterial/Antifungal products. 

2. Adding anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions to the performance capabilities of currently available anti-glare films 

To date, anti-glare films have harbored the challenge of a decline in optical properties due to the addition of anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents. By optimizing the coating materials, however, DNP has made it possible to add anti-bacterial and anti-viral performance capabilities, while maintaining various physical properties, such as optical and mechanical properties. As a result, DNP's new anti-glare film can be used by manufacturers who develop panels for various applications such as PCs, monitors, and TVs without the need to alter specifications. 

Going forward

DNP will develop anti-glare films that incorporate anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties for notebook computers, monitors and TVs aiming for annual sales of 5 billion yen by FY 2025. In addition, we aim to offer anti-bacterial and anti-viral performance capabilities as a standardized specification for the anti-glare film for displays that we currently offer.

*1 Current Status and Future Prospects for the Display-Related Market, 2022, issued by the Fuji Chimera Research Institute Inc. 

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