Next-generation hologram capable of expressing 3D effects in all directions

Lippmann Hologram

The Lippmann hologram is a high-security hologram that records the interference pattern of light reflected from an object by changing the density inside the material of the special photopolymer layer coated on the film. Lippmann holograms can express images with outstanding 3D effects. Since the production of this type of hologram requires advanced reproduction technology, only a limited number of manufactures worldwide are capable of mass producing the holograms.

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Security Lippmann Hologram

SECUREIMAGE is DNP's Lippmann hologram developed for high-security applications.
This type of hologram can provide full 3D effects that cannot be reproduced by printing technology.

A full-scale 3D model is recorded using laser exposure method.

The background color of the hologram can be changed according to the corporate color or product image.

Characteristic designs help authenticity determination with the naked eye.


Animated Lippmann Hologram

A single hologram can incorporate more than 100 frames of an animation.

Lippmann Hologram Overt and Covert Features

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