Viewd at varying angles, the color changes iridescently with lateral three-dimensional(3D) effects.

Embossed Hologram

When viewed from various angles, the embossed hologram iridescently changes color through the spectrum of the rainbow. lateral 3D effects can be viewed by tilting the hologram left and right. Images are produced by recording the optical interference pattern of the hologram as fine unevenness on the film surface. Embossed holograms are suitable for mass production at relatively low cost.

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2D Embossed Hologram

KALEIDOGRAM is a high-brightness two-dimensional (2D) hologram developed by DNP. It uses a high-definition original plate created by electron beam (EB) lithography based on DNP's semiconductor-manufacuring technology.

Fine Line Pattern

Beautiful, fine, bright lines can be produced.

Opto-change hologram®

Color-shifting materials are used.
The label changes color when viewd through a handy viewer, and its authenticity is easily distinguishable.


3D Embossed Hologram

VIRTUAGRAM is a high-definition 3D hologram developed by DNP. The computer-graphics-created 3D rendering ensures advanced design and security. It uses an original plate created by EB Lithography.

Image switching

Different viewing angles provide different stereoscopic images.


When the image is enlarged with a magnifying tool, such as magnifying glass or a microscope, "GENUINE" becomes visible.

LED authentication

Hidden Image Authentication by Spot Light Source

LED authentication

Hidden letter or image is retrieved by irradiating spot light source such as LED.

Embossed Hologram Overt and Covert Features

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