DNP CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer

Card Printer

DNP CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer is the culmination of the technological development and is innovative card printer available for all types of card-issuing applications. Succeeding to DNP CX printers which have been widely adopted, CX-D80 has a thermal retransfer-printing engine, of which quality and reliability are acclaimed by users worldwide. Ideal for gift cards, on demand ID cards and for corporate and governmental ID card, CX-D80 provides the integration of proven, long-established technology with a compact and user-friendly body.

Image of card printer unit

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Card printer

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Printing Method Dye sublimation/Resin Thermal Retransfer
Printable area Full-bleed (edge-to-edge)
Print speed 30 sec : YMCK on single side
Interface ・USB2.0(Ver2.0) Full-speed(12Mbps) / Hi-speed(480Mbps)
・10BASE-T/100 BASE-TX Ethernet
Card Type PVC, Composite PVC, PET-G, ABS, etc*
Input & Output Capacity 100 cards each (0.76mm thickness)
Dimension W343 x D322 x H335 (mm)
Weight 13.0kg (Single side with no optional unit)
Power Supply Maximum 3A (100 to 120V), Maximum 1.5A (220 to 240V)
Operating Environment 15℃ – 30℃, 35% – 70% non condensing humidity
Options Magnetic stripe encoding, Contact chip encoding, Contactless IC encoding, Bend remedy Unit, Laminatioin unit(CL-600)
Safety Standard/Regulation FCC, CE, UL, VCCI-B, FCC Class B, EN Class B, RoHS, CCC

Ink ribbon

Image of ink ribbons

Ink ribbon lineup

Product name Product code Number of images per set/roll
YMCK Ink ribbon set CY-P340A-DS 1,000 images/set
YMCKK Ink ribbon roll CY-35K-75DS 750 images/roll
YMCKUv Ink ribbon roll CY-35U-75DS 750 imafes/roll
YMCKPo Ink ribbon set CY-P35A-DS 750 images/set
Re-transfer film CY-3RA-100 1,000 images/roll

Additional image for ink ribbons


image of card laminator


Laminating method Thermal roller transfer
Laminating side Single sided (CL-600S), Double sided (CL-600D)
Laminating speed 16 – 36 sec per card : single, and double sided
Connection Infrared communication with CX-D80
Temperature config 90℃ – 180℃ (adjustable on 5℃ basis)
Speed config 3 mm/s - 12 mm/s (adjustable on 0.5 mm/s basis)
Dimension W210 x D333 x H360 (mm)
Weight CL-600S: 8.5kg CL-600D: 9.5kg
Power Supply Maximum 3A (100 to 120V), Maximum 1.5A (220 to 240V)
Operating Environment 15℃ – 30℃, 35% – 70% non condensing humidity
Laminating media 1.0/0.6mil patch, 1.0/0.6mil smart card patch, overlay foil
(Clear or holographic selectable for all the media)

Laminate media

Image of laminator unit and laminate media

Laminate media lineup

Product name Product no. Number of images
Clear full area 1.0 mil patch CY-R10FC-60F 600 images/roll
Clear full area 0.6 mil patch CY-R06FC-60F 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 1.0 mil patch CY-R10SC-60F 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 0.6 mil patch CY-R06SC-60F 600 images/roll
DNP Generic hologram overlay foil CY-R00RD-100 1,000 images/roll

Image of laminate media

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