Realizing an advanced seamless design and provided a new concept of interior space.

New Decoration Panel

DNP realized an advanced seamless design by integrating the decoration such as wooden or geometric pattern and display functions.
We provide a new concept of interior space.

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New Decoration Panel Overview

In recent years, as the interior of automobiles has become multifunctional, so the number of displays, operation switches and instruments, etc. has increased.
As a result, there is a problem that the design is impaired due to the complicated arrangement of these devices.
Furthermore, with the advancement of technologies such as autonomous driving, the interior of the car will become a living space, and it is expected that more design will be required to be more comfortable.
For this background, DNP has developed the new decoration panel that realizes a comfortable space that can display images and operation switches as necessary, although usually it is a highly designed decorative panel.
By integrating the decoration and display functions, DNP has realized an advanced seamless design and provided a new concept of interior space.



Product feature

The new decoration panel is products that can display clear images from the decorative surface. For example, in the case of a wooden grain pattern surface, when the display is off, it is a normal wooden grain pattern surface, but when the display is turned on, the image emerges on the surface.
The technical point of this new decoration panel is to transmit light clearly and with good color reproduction without being affected by the decorative pattern.
For example, normally, when light is transmitted through the decorative surface of the wooden grain pattern, the color is mixed to brown and the wooden grain pattern is seen, but the new decoration panel does not mix the colors and the wood grain pattern is not seen.
It is clear and has good color reproduction, and can transmit light.
This technology was realized by combining the decorative film technology and know-how cultivated in housing building materials, and automobile interiors with DNP's original optical technology.
It is possible to express a vivid image only when necessary on the decorative panel, which was difficult in the past. In addition, by adding a touch panel function to the decorative panel, it is possible to operate car navigation and switches.

Images displayed on the decorative surface

Clear images

Usage development

In addition to providing this new decoration panel to the domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers, we will expand this business to the construction industry and home appliance industry such as housing and commercial facilities other than automobiles.

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