Basic Technologies

Letterpress printing was a state-of-the-art technology in Japan when DNP was originally founded as a letterpress printing firm. Since then, the company has branched out into various businesses by developing and applying printing technologies. The diverse technologies and expertise that underpin our wide range of printing operations and services are highlighted in the following pages through the example of the processes involved in printing a book.

DNP's Technologies Seen through the Printing Process

Printing Process

Technologies used at this stage of the printing process

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    Project Planning
    Envisioning what output will be printed

    Project planning and designing

    It is essential to plan in advance for a wide range of issues that depend on the content of the publication and its targeted audience. These issues include the number of colors, the size of the publication, the thickness and type of paper, and the printing method and production line to be used. DNP proposes the most efficient and effective solutions and prepares the final manuscript and materials accordingly. The project scope can also include schedule and cost management right up to the delivery date.

    How many colors? What style and materials? Who is the target market? How about the production process and schedule?

    Technologies used at this stage of the printing process

    Project planning and designing

    Virtually all the printing DNP deals with is customized manufacturing in line with client desires. In printing it is necessary to consider the manufacturing approach appropriate to the targeted output and the process design. As such planning capacity is not subject to manufacturing equipment constraints, it is deployed over a wide area.

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    Information Processing
    Preparing the manuscript for printing

    Information processing technologies

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    Film and plate making
    Making a printing plate

    Micro fabrication technology

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    Transferring ink onto paper

    Precision Coating

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    Binding and Post-processing
    Folding, gathering, and binding

    Post-processing technologies

Technologies that underpin the printing process