Basic Technologies

Letterpress printing was a state-of-the-art technology in Japan when DNP was originally founded as a letterpress printing firm. Since then, the company has branched out into various businesses by developing and applying printing technologies. The diverse technologies and expertise that underpin our wide range of printing operations and services are highlighted in the following pages through the example of the processes involved in printing a book.

DNP's Technologies Seen through the Printing Process

Printing Process

Technologies used at this stage of the printing process

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    Project Planning
    Envisioning what output will be printed

    Project planning and designing

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    Information Processing
    Preparing the manuscript for printing

    Information processing technologies

    Book publishing involves text and photo arrangement, design, layout and editing work. The image processing stage is handled by DNP, including color adjustment for photos and images or eliminating unnecessary sections. This stage also involves pre-processing preparations, such as separating the manuscript into the four colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

    Technologies used at this stage of the printing process

    Information processing technologies

    Information processing is a technology derived from pre-processing that serves to organize various information formats, including submitted text, photographs, illustrations and video. Such processing organizes file formats, coverts data into the optimal form, performs image color management, along with information organization and storage.
    Our ability to handle the vast amounts of data required for these tasks has been refined over time, and it has broadened its capabilities to include big data processing, analysis, and security technologies.

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    Film and plate making
    Making a printing plate

    Micro fabrication technology

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    Transferring ink onto paper

    Precision Coating

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    Binding and Post-processing
    Folding, gathering, and binding

    Post-processing technologies

Technologies that underpin the printing process