DNP Develops Low Reflective and Low Sound Insulation Film Partition

Aiming to provide safe and secure communication under the New Normal

Tokyo, January 20, 2022, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a new film partition with inbuilt infection prevention qualities to facilitate safe and secure communication under Covid-19 and other pandemic conditions. The new infection prevention tool is called the DNP Low Reflective, Low Sound Insulation Film Partition, and sales in Japan will be launched from January 20, 2022. 

The newly developed product takes advantage of proprietary DNP low reflective technology to make it easier to see the expression of the other party, and by using materials that are thinner than those in standard partitions, makes it easier to hear each other’s voices, contributing to more pleasant communication. 

At left: DNP Low Reflective, Low Sound Insulation Film Partition
At right: Standard partition

Developmental Background

  • Acryl partitions and vinyl curtains have been installed at various locations, including offices, restaurants, and cash registers in supermarkets, as an infection prevention measure amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. They prevent droplet infection between humans, but present their own challenges, including difficulty seeing the other party’s face, and difficulty in hearing their voice. 
  • To overcome these challenges we have leveraged our high-level global share in display applications to take advantage of low reflective film and develop a partition that makes it easier to see the other party’s expression and hear their voices.
  • Standard partitions use an acryl plate with a thickness of 2mm~5mm. The newly developed DNP Low Reflective, Low Sound Insulation Film Partition, however, uses a thin material below 0.3mm in thickness, making it easier to transmit sound. In addition, in-house tests1 have confirmed that the use of the low reflective film creates a clearer field of vision that makes it easier to see the other party’s expression, and also makes it easier to hear their voice. These effects work to relieve stress during conversation.
  • DNP has already partially adopted the new partitions in-house lobbies and reception rooms, and has received positive feedback from clients and other visitors, including comments such as, “there is a good field of vision,” or, “it is easy to converse,” and “the new partition makes it feel as though there is nothing standing between the speakers.” 

Installation images
At left: DNP Ichigaya-Kagacho Building
At right: DNP Ichigaya-Sanaicho Building

Usage Image under New Normal Social Conditions

In order to maintain a safe and secure society, it is expected that it will be necessary to continue to implement infection prevention measures in the future. When continuing such measures, in cases where face-to-face conversation is necessary, or dialogue is deemed important, in addition to wearing masks other tools are likely to be necessary in order to maintain the comfort of communication via “masked spaces.”

Looking Ahead

 Going forward, we will market the newly developed DNP Low Reflective, Low Sound Insulation Film Partition to venues used for direct dialogue, including offices, reception rooms and classrooms, along with those areas where face-to-face communication is necessary, including retail outlets, hotels, and hospital reception desks. We aim for sales of JPY 1.0 bln, or approximately USD 8.6 mln in FY 2022. 

At the same time, we also plan to market original material for partition components in furniture and to interior manufacturers. 

1: A monitor survey of 30 DNP employees, regarding ease of communication compared to standard acryl partitions, produced responses, such as, “it is possible to talk naturally as though nothing was between us,” and, “it is easy to hear the other party’s voice,” and also, “there is virtually no light reflection, allowing us to concentrate on the conversation at hand.” Regarding the ease of sound transmission, there is a phenomenon referred to as mass-law, whereby, the heavier the sound the more difficult it is to transmit, and a tendency for easier transmission the lighter the sound becomes. 

DNP Low Reflective, Low Sound Insulation Film Partition (Japanese only) 
Face shield development (Japanese only) 

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