R&D Case Studies for a Better Future

DNP creates new technologies by synergizing the basic technologies of Printing & Information (P&I) that it has cultivated over the years and collaborating with many partners. This page introduces examples of R&D and applied technologies in the DNP's business segments.

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Smart Communication

We leverage our strength and expertise in high-resolution image processing technology and distribution of large volumes of data while optimizing business processes to develop safe, secure and diverse communication services.

Dye-sublimation thermal transfer products

DNP offers high-quality dye-sublimation thermal transfer media and printers based on its proprietary printing technology. DNP branded media and printers are now used worldwide, recognized for their reliable technology and quality, as well as the ability to meet global needs, and maintain stable manufacturing and supply systems.

Authentication / security

DNP aims to expand the use of authentication and security services by becoming a foundation of trust. As a result, we aim to create a seamless, safe and secure world enabled by this trust. The dependability we offer is founded on our long track record of carefully handling personal information and working with smart cards, a field where we've established world-class technology with leading market share. In this way, we aim to realize environments that promote comfortable and safe living in an information society where people and things are connected across cyberspace and physical spaces.

Interactive content system

One of the interactive content system which DNP offers is an immersive VR system that allows users wearing head-mounted displays to navigate a virtual space by actually moving while following handrails. By creating a slightly altered visual reality, the system virtually augments the physical space, allowing visitors to feel as if they are moving through a vast virtual area, even though the actual exhibition room is much smaller.

Life & Healthcare

DNP develops and provides value that underpins people's physical and mental health, and makes their daily lives safer, more secure and more comfortable through its proprietary technologies. At the same time, we seek to reduce environmental impact and conserve biodiversity.

Battery pouches

In the late 1990s, DNP successfully commercialized battery pouches in the form of lithium-ion battery packs. Since that time, we have strived to make these products thinner while adding functionality through coatings, and by using exterior materials for lamination. DNP's battery pouches have a beautiful smooth surface. This is important from an aesthetic viewpoint, but also from the viewpoint of safety. We perform thorough visual inspection, as any small flaw must be identified in order to safely contain the dangerous contents of batteries. From this perspective, our battery pouches are well regarded by our clients.

Smart city / MaaS

DNP has proposed the idea of a "Mobility Port," a city interface that can be accessed by all residents without dividing the community, in order to create more livable cities and revitalize communities through MaaS. Mobility Port is a connection and transfer point for new modes of transportation using the "Digital Key Platform" and "NFC Authentication Technology", as well as a new kind of infrastructure for the city that supports the lifestyles of residents and promotes sustainable interaction and social participation.

Medical data processing technology

DNP uses its strengths in image processing technology to develop image processing LSIs and other products that recreate natural and easy-to-see colors and correct distorted images. In the medical field, DNP has been working with Tokyo Medical and Dental University on the R&D of image analysis technology to identify the causes of pathological myopia, which is common among Japanese people, based on MRI images of the eye. Medical image processing utilizes the advanced information processing technology cultivated to date by DNP in the printing industry.

Medical data processing technology

Eco-friendly packaging

We have developed and deployed eco-friendly packaging, which provides society with three values for food and pharmaceutical packaging: CO₂ reduction, resource circulation and preservation of the natural environment. By promoting the use of renewable resources and recycling, we are helping to realize a recycling-oriented society and reduce environmental impact.

EB(Electron Beam) technology

Electron beam technology, one of DNP's core technologies, instantly improves the durability of resins and coating films by irradiating them with an electron beam, and is used to create decorative sheets for building materials that are resistant to scratches, abrasion and stains. In response to a growing awareness of the need to protect the global environment, DNP develops decorative sheets for floors that use environmentally friendly resin film.

EB(Electron Beam) technology


DNP's proprietary technologies, including large-area functionalization technology, microfabrication technology, micro/nano modeling technology and optical control technology, are synergized with the strengths of many partners. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance the value of our electronic products, and enrich people's lives in the process.

Organic EL display film technology

OLED displays have drawbacks such as reduced contrast under conditions of reflected sunlight and other external light and color changes when viewed from oblique angles. DNP's special optical film was developed to eliminate these drawbacks. The film is the first product realized through DNP's proprietary special liquid crystal materials and precision coating technology, and is known as "retardation film" for OLED displays.

Organic EL display film technology

Metal masks for OLED display manufacturing

DNP's metal masks are used in the manufacture of OLED panels, in which organic materials of the three primary colors of light (RGB: red, green, and blue) are formed on the substrate in precise detail for each pixel. The masks are in fact metal plates with precisely placed ultrafine holes made to an exact size and placed at an exact location to ensure that the RGB organic materials are located in the correct place. DNP's high-precision photolithography and etching technologies play a major role in this process.

Photomasks for semiconductors

Photomasks function as the original plates forming the circuits of semiconductors. A circuit pattern is transferred to photosensitive material which is then applied to a silicon wafer by light transmitted through the photomask. Semiconductors are then created from this wafer through etching and other processes.