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DNP's products and services have become commonplace that you may be surprised to find that certain items are in fact made by DNP. Behind the creation of this diverse value lies our strengths in printing technologies that we have continued to refine nearly 150 years since our founding.

Creating future standards

By combining our unique technologies based on the print industry with the strengths of our partners, we open opportunities, reduce emissions, and create a more vibrant world for all.

Originally, printing developed from the desire to convey thoughts and express emotions as widely as possible. Since then, the industry has seen continuous revolutions in methods and skills.

DNP has always been part of this process, building our capabilities around the wish to bring more joy and enjoyment to people. Every day we challenge ourselves to achieve and surpass the goals of our partners and customers, and to add excitement to everyone’s lives.

Since our early years, we've constantly expanded our expertise. Today we develop and refine technologies for conducting electricity, controlling light and heat, decorating surfaces, and protecting content, creating new standards for the industry of the future.

Our high-transmission film applications reproduce images more vividly at lower power, widen the field of vision, and eliminate display discomfort. Our lithium-ion battery pouches are lighter and safer, and make possible an ever-greater range of shapes. Without them, smart phones would not have developed the way we all enjoy them. Expanded to electric vehicles, they're now a key part of our contribution to a low-carbon society.

As we move ahead, we will continue to open opportunities like these for technologies rooted in the print industry, combining our unique strengths with those of our partners to provide a richer and more vibrant world for all.

Image of DNP's wide range of products and services which we have created

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