R&D Policy and Structure

R&D is important for DNP, and we have expanded our business domains through the applied development of printing and information technologies. In this era of rapid change, we need to think from the perspective of consumers, closely examine social trends and quickly determine what issues exist, and what technologies will be required to solve them. Based on this information, we develop proprietary technologies and collaborate with other companies that have their own unique strengths, resulting in increased speed of our own technological development.

R&D policies

We will continue to refine our state-of-the-art microfabrication, precision coating and post-processing technologies, which form the foundation of our manufacturing, alongside our planning and design, information processing, materials development, and evaluation and analysis technologies. We will create new value by synergizing these technologies with expertise from our sales, planning, manufacturing and other divisions, as well with our partners’ strengths.

In particular, with the increasing adoption of DX, we will leverage DNP's unique hybrid strengths in the analog and digital fields, real and virtual domains, and manufacturing and services areas, to create business models based on a better sustainable society and more comfortable lifestyles.

Explore, cultivate and utilize technologies leveraging the DX trend

For DNP, which has expanded its business domains by applying and developing technologies cultivated in the printing process, strengthening technology and R&D is a crucial management issue. We will always take the consumer’s point of view as we accurately understand environmental, social and economic issues, and create optimal solutions.
DNP will further strengthen and deepen the already-strong technologies that we have cultivated to handle, in a safe and secure manner, important information entrusted to us by companies, organizations and consumers, and will also accelerate development by promoting collaboration with various partners, including venture companies, start-ups, students and research institutions, and by exploring new technologies. Also, we will synergize our internal and external technological strengths to solve various problems and create new value that excites people.
As a base for such cultivation, exploration and utilization of technologies, we will strengthen AI-based data analysis and the use of cloud environments, taking advantage of the major trends in DX.

Creating new value through new synergies of strengths

DNP's basic technologies

Long-term value creation by strengthening and expanding intellectual capital (technology, R&D / intellectual property-related)

Intellectual property activities

R&D structures

DNP's Technology and R&D Division is developing proprietary technologies to overcome diverse challenges in a wide range of business fields, focusing on the four growth areas of Knowledge and Communications, Food and Healthcare, Lifestyle and Mobility, and Environment and Energy.
We are making use of a robust structure that creates new value in both existing and new businesses through cross-fertilization of technologies and collaboration with external partners.

Research and Business Development Center

We promote research and development on new products and production processes from a medium- to long-term perspective, alongside business development that solves customer and social issues.

Advanced Business Center

DNP creates new businesses and DX through digital technologies that support businesses in the information and services sector.

Technology Development Center

Through the development of production and assessment technologies, we support the development of new products and services as well as QCD innovations that increase the value of existing products and services.

Developer interviews

Discover the behind-the-scenes efforts of developers who have achieved breakthroughs in a wide range of business fields.

R&D Expenses / Allocation

R&D Expenses (Consolidated)

Allocation of R&D Expenses

Group-wide R&D expenses for FY2021 totaled 33,147 million yen, of which 11,219 million yen was used across the three business divisions and 21,927 million yen related to the head office development division and other expenses that cannot be allocated to the various business divisions.

Head Office Development Department 21,927 million yen
Information Communication 2,215 million yen
Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies 1,842 million yen
Electronics 7,161 million yen