For Suppliers

The DNP Group procures the following products as materials or equipment. If you are interested in new transactions or would like to provide us with information on new products, environmentally friendly products, etc., please contact us from the "Proposals of products and services from your company" page. We will consider the provided information within the company. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your inquiry, depending on the content of the information provided.

Main items procured by the group

  • Paper (general paper, paperboard, communications paper, special use paper, etc.)
  • Synthetic resin products (packaging films, resins for packaging and molding, plastic card sheets, etc.)
  • Aluminum foil, copper foil
  • Metal materials (Fe-36 Ni alloys, stainless steel materials, copper alloys, etc.)
  • Glass (photomask blanks for lithography, etc.)
  • Semiconductor-related products (chips and modules for smart cards, etc.)
  • Printing inks and solvents
  • Plate-making and printing materials (CTP plates,PS plates, plate-making films, developing solutions, etc.)
  • Bookbinding and packaging materials (PP bands, hotmelts, wires, etc.)
  • Chemicals and industrial gases (caustic soda, reagents for research, helium, etc.)
  • Office supplies, OA equipment, fixtures and fittings
  • Printing machines, bookbinding machines, coating machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, inspection machines, etc.
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    Any information you supply on this form may be provided to a third party for business reasons. Therefore, please enter only non-confidential information that does not need to be kept confidential for business, technical or managerial reasons, or that does not pertain to intellectual property rights held by other companies.