DNP Group Vision / Code of Conduct

Introducing the DNP Group Vision, Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct.

DNP Group Vision

The "DNP Group Vision" describes the basic management policy of the DNP Group. It consists of the Corporate Philosophy, Business Vision and Guiding Principles.

Corporate Philosophy

The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value.

The DNP Group

provides society with what individuals need,
provides individuals with what society needs.

Business Vision

Use P&I innovations to expand business, primarily in growth areas.

P&I innovations

P&I refers to DNP’s overall strength in printing (P) and information (I), including technological capabilities and sales and project planning capacities. "P&I innovation" refers to the creation of new value-value that never existed before-by combining these various strengths with external resources and/or new ideas to create novel concepts, products, and services.

Guiding Principles

Taiwa (dialogue) and Cooperation

Each member of DNP becomes a professional in his or her field. Actively and repeatedly engaging in taiwa and working together with people both inside and outside the company leads to the generation of original products and services that never existed in the past.


Brand Statement

"The DNP Group connects individuals and society, and provides new value.

We will create new value by synergizing our diverse strengths and expertise with ideas from outside the company.

We will discuss and collaborate with others.

In this way, we will realize our brand statement: Creating future standards

DNP Group Code of Conduct

We will act confidently with integrity and pride.

1. Contributing to the development of society
We shall contribute to the development of society by offering new values through our business.
1. Social contribution as a good corporate citizen
We, as members of a good corporate citizen living in harmony with society, shall deepen our ties with society and make social contributions through our solutions to various social issues and through our cultural activities.
1. Compliance with the law and social ethics
We shall contribute to the sustainable development of free and orderly market competition while assuming a fair and honest attitude at all times, in compliance with the law and social ethics.
1. Respect for human dignity and diversity
The dignity of humanity is of supreme importance to us. We shall respect diversity in the culture, nationality, creed, race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age and ways of thinking of all persons, and conduct ourselves in a disciplined manner.
1. Environmental conservation and realization of a sustainable society
We shall contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, so that we can pass on our planet and its abundant blessings to following generations.
1. Realization of a ‘universal society’
We shall work on the development and diffusion of easy-to-use functional products, services and systems so that everyone can live in safety and comfort, and thus contribute to the realization of a 'universal society' in which all kinds of people can lead pleasant lives.
1. Ensuring the safety and quality of our products and services
We shall strive to win over the satisfaction and trust of consumers in general and of our corporate clients by ensuring the safety and quality of our products and services.
1. Ensuring information security
We shall strive to ensure thorough security measures to protect information assets entrusted to us by our clients as well as those retained by the DNP Group itself (industrial secrets, personal information, intellectual property, etc.).
1. Proper disclosure of information
We shall take the initiative to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner so as to have our own business and activities properly understood by our various stakeholders with the goal of maintaining a high degree of transparency.
1. Realization of a safe and vibrant workplace
We shall exert ourselves for the maintenance and improvement of the safe and hygienic conditions of our workplace and shall always endeavor to seek ways to implement new improvements. At the same time, we shall respect working styles suited to the diversity of our employees and make efforts to create a safe, healthy and vibrant working environment.