Creating New Value through New Synergies of Strengths

DNP is currently focusing on creating new value to solve social issues and exceed expectations by synergizing strengths in "P&I" that are unique to the company, and by deepening collaboration with external partners.

P&I Innovations to create new value through new synergies

DNP's strength lies in synergizing many Printing & Information technologies. We build on technologies derived from basic printing processes, and continue to refine, apply and develop them into cutting-edge products, creating a diverse range of businesses in the process.

Social issues addressed by DNP

DNP clarifies social issues and people's expectations that only DNP can address, and expands its business by creating value in four growth areas.

Creating "new synergies" by synergizing our strengths

Products and services that solve social issues and become future earnings pillars

DNP's basic technologies

R&D to solve social issues

Fostering an internal culture that helps generate the collective strength of "All DNP"

We continue to promote the "All DNP" approach, in which the strengths of the entire DNP Group are brought together to create comprehensive strengths. We are also implementing a "Value Creation Program" to discover "seeds of value," repeat hypothesis testing and build optimal business models. By leveraging the strengths of our unique P&I technology, and our collaboration with partners and employees who continue to embrace new challenges, we will provide value to all stakeholders and increase profits, alongside raising our corporate value.

Facilities for Taiwa (dialogue) and collaboration

P&I LAB. TECHNOLOGY are facilities where we create new value in collaboration with people outside the company, leveraging our strengths in Printing and Information (P&I).

While we use these facilities, we will discuss our R&D vision and promote "P&I Innovations" to create new value by synergizing technologies and ideas from outside the company.