The Latest CSR and Environmental Reports

DNP’s sustainability initiatives are disclosed in a timely manner for each priority theme in the section of “Sustainability” on the website. Annual activities are archived as “CSR Management and Year Topics.” With regard to the environment, environmental initiatives are summarized and published once a year as the “Environmental Report.”

Moreover, DNP publishes an integrated report each year covering its growth strategies, business activities that uses financial and non-financial capital in an integrated manner for sustainable value creation.

DNP Group's Information Disclosure

Click here for the DNP Group Integrated Report.

DNP Group CSR Management and Year Topics 2022(April 2021-March 2022)

Results and activity topics in the fiscal year are summarized for each priority theme of CSR management for disclosure.

DNP Group Environmental Report 2022(April 2021 - March 2022)

Detailed environmental activities are summarized in PDF format and are disclosed in the “DNP Group Environmental Report 2022.”

  • *Some of the data on page 18 was incorrect and has been corrected in April 2023.

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