Business Areas

DNP’s business consists of two business areas. First is the Printing Business area, which includes the Information Communication segment, Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies segment and Electronics segment. Second is the Beverages Business area undertaken through Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.

Net sales income by segment

Net sales income by region



The Electronics segment has developed display- and electronic device-related products and services in Japan and overseas.

The launch of the 5th generation communication standard (5G) service is expected to realize ultra-high-speed, low-latency, multi-connection communications, as well as advance the use of IoT and AI, and help popularize products and services that further enrich people’s lives. Our Electronics segment will anticipate the changing needs of corporations and people and provide new products and services with superior functionality.

Solution / Products and services (by field)

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    Functional films

    Our functional films for controlling light, heat, water and other elements provide new value to fields including packaging, electronics, automobiles, energy and life sciences.

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    Industrial materials

    We work to solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges, provide highly functional industrial materials that reduce impact on the environment and boost manufacturing efficiency.

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    Display components

    Since the dawn of this industry, we have been involved in developing shadow masks for cathode-ray tubes, color filters and optical films for liquid crystal panels, and other technologies in this field. Staying a step ahead, we have developed components for displays including flexible liquid crystal displays, OLED displays and electronic paper in a field that continues to evolve.

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    Precision devices and components

    We provide microfabrication technology for semiconductors as well as precision devices and components in areas including electronics, vehicles, energy and life science, using circuit formation and electronic component mounting technology.

Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies


The Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies segment consists of businesses in three fields: Packaging, Living Spaces and Industrial High-performance Materials. This segment provides numerous familiar products that are a close part of people’s daily lives and that are also deeply involved in the manufacturing processes of companies.

Our Packaging business is striving to improve the functionality and stable supply of packaging for foods, beverages, household items, pharmaceuticals and other products. Our Living Spaces business mainly handles a wide range of products that make spaces functional and comfortable. This includes materials for residential use, commercial facilities, medical institutes and nursing facilities, as well as interior and exterior materials for automobiles and railway cars.

The Industrial High-performance Materials business provides components used in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic cells, as well as highly functional films that contribute to solving environmental problems and other social issues, with a grasp of social changes including the arrival of 5G.

We will develop and provide products that are safer, more secure and essential for more comfortable living by working on "universal design" that is easily usable by many people and "inclusive design" that incorporates perspectives of a diverse range of people from the design stage.

Solutions / Products and services (by field)

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    To date, we have developed a range of lifestyle-changing packaging. Based on this experience and our expertise, we add new value to meet the needs of society, within markets and for our consumers.

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    Decorative printed materials

    We have been providing materials and parts to create spaces for over 60 years. We offer products for all six surfaces (four walls, ceiling and floor). We can also help with collaborative product development, planning and coordination. We help realize diverse lifestyle scenarios through our product variation.

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    Mobility solutions

    We support the advancement of mobility environment by providing products and technologies as well as digital solutions.

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    Healthcare and life science

    We are developing new business fields in the life science by adding new technologies, including biotechnology, to the basic technology of its printing business and derived technologies. By doing so, we will help to improve people’s quality of life (QOL) and help them live each day to the fullest.

Information Communication


The Information Communication segment consists of the Publishing Business responsible for publishing media and publishing logistics, Information Innovation Business responsible for marketing and information security and Imaging Communication Business that creates "products and experiences" including photo prints.

In addition to focusing on the promotion of digital marketing and the spread of cashless payment-related businesses, this segment accelerates BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in which we handle the business processes of a growing number of companies that must respond to labor shortages and work style reforms.

We will independently evolve through "digital transformation" that aims to transform our organizations and businesses by leveraging information and communication technology (ICT). We will also provide new value that leads to solving corporate issues, alongside memorable experiences and better convenience for consumers.

Solutions / Products and services (by field)

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    Printing and processing

    We leverage our networks in Japan to provide consistent, high-quality services comprising everything from large-lot manufacturing to planning and design, DTP, printing, processing and delivery.

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    Photo imaging

    We are expanding the supply of high-quality dye-sublimation thermal transfer media and printers at the global level. Secure systems are used for products and services related to the handling of image data, including filming, processing and output sales, as well as cloud-based image sales.

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    Business solutions

    We use our strengths stemming from the integration of printing and information (P&I) technology to provide solutions corresponding to our customers’ business problems, from clarification of the issue at hand, specification of products and services, product manufacture and service development.

Beverages (domestic Japanese production only)


DNP Group’s Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. engages in the beverage business on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. In addition to developing new products leveraging the Coca-Cola brand name, we are also involved in the vending machine business and sales promotion activities targeting mass retail outlets.