DNP Products and Services with Top Global Share

DNP has achieved top global share for the following products. We will continue to deliver unique products and value that only we can offer to the world.
We use manufacturing technology derived from printing technology and IT-based manufacturing management technology to provide a stable supply of high quality, unique products.

Products and services with top global share

Battery pouches for lithium-ion batteries

The battery pouch used as an external casing material seals in battery components, such as electrodes, electrolytes and separators. Compared with existing metal containers, we developed battery pouches for lithium-ion batteries that maintain high-level flexibility in terms of dimensions and shaping. This structure also reduces the total weight of the batteries.
Battery pouches for lithium-ion batteries capitalize on multiple DNP technologies, such as coating technology and materials design technology that help realize advanced moisture barrier performance and moldability.

Optical films used for displays

Anti-reflection film is attached to television and computer display surfaces to prevent the intrusion of external and room light. We manufacture both anti-glare (AG) and low-reflection (LR) film types, and maintains a system allowing for the stable supply of high quality products to our customers.
By capitalizing upon the materials design and optic design technology developed and accumulated by DNP, and applying a thin, uniform coating of materials that disperse light to a rolled film substrate, we can meet the high-level demands of our customers.

Metal masks for OLED display manufacturing

Using precision processing technology cultivated through printing, we develop and provide manufacturing materials that enhance OLED display quality and precision.

Photo printing dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing media

Dye-sublimation thermal transfer is a technology that takes yellow, magenta and cyan dyes uniformly coated, at a thickness of several microns, on an extremely thin base film, and uses a thermal head to transfer them to a dedicated receiving paper to form images. By controlling the dye volume transferred by the heat of the thermal head, it is possible to configure smooth high-definition images.

Products and services with top share in Japan

Smart cards

We have created a broad range of smart cards by leveraging our unique strengths, including our technological development capabilities, which allow us to assemble the software required for IC chips from scratch, and our manufacturing expertise, which allows us to meet the requirements for smart card shape and durability, no matter what material is used.

Aseptic filling system for PET plastic bottles

The aseptic PET plastic bottle filling system (APP System) we developed was met with much praise for its quality, operation rate and energy consumption, and is used in approximately 1/3 of the PET bottled beverage production in Japan. Moreover, the APP system has been increasingly adopted in the growing markets of China and Southeast Asia in recent years.

Decorative materials (floor coverings, metal sheets)

We have been providing materials and parts to be used in space creation for over 60 years. We offer products for all six surfaces (four walls, ceiling and floor) and can also help with collaborative product development, planning and coordination. We help realize diverse lifestyle scenarios through our diverse range of products.