President's Message

Yoshinari Kitajima, President

Achieving a major transformation to realize a sustainable, better society and well-being lives

Accelerating initiatives for Creating future standards

The DNP Group strives to realize a more sustainable society and more fulfilling lives, in line with its corporate philosophy of "Connecting individuals and society and providing new value." In addition to solving social issues, we create new value that exceeds people's expectations, and that value becomes the foundation of new standards in people's daily lives. We express these aspirations through our widely publicized brand statement, Creating future standards.

In February 2023, we announced the DNP Group’s Basic Management Policy to secure further growth amid the major environmental, social and economic changes of recent years. We reiterated both inside and outside the Group that we will conduct business activities to create a better future from a long-term perspective.

In order to achieve this goal, we will create sustainable businesses and shareholder value through initiatives based on our business strategy, financial strategy and non-financial strategy, and aim to achieve an ROE of 10% and a PBR (price-to-book ratio) over 1.0x as soon as possible, which we have set as indicators of a well-performing business.

DNP Groupʼs Basic Management Policy

Figure showing how to create sustained business value based on financial, non-financial, and business strategies which leads to creating future standards.

Creating new value for a better future

DNP believes that a healthy society and economy, as well as comfortable and fulfilling lives, all depend on a sustainable planet. To this end, we are taking a long-term perspective and seeking to accurately identify and appropriately address social issues and megatrends. These include our modern information society, population problems, imbalances in the supply and demand of resources, electricity, water and food, and climate change, which we will address while striving to turn risks into business opportunities.

Since FY2022, we have been particularly strengthening the activities of the Sustainability Committee, for which I serve as chairperson, to thoroughly comprehend, analyze and manage risks as variable factors. This committee, working in cooperation with the Corporate Ethics Committee and the BCM Promotion Committee, manages company-wide risks in the context of medium- to long-term corporate activities with a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

With rapid change becoming the norm, it is crucial to take the initiative in transforming our environment, society and economy for the better, rather than reacting to individual changes as they occur. We have consistently supported communication between people and nurtured culture through our business activities, and we believe that societal change also provides significant business opportunities.

Aiming to resolve social issues by utilizing DNPʼs core values

Figure showing how DNP will contribute to a sustainable society where people can live safe, secure, and healthy lives by engaging in focused businesses that utilize DNP's core values developed through printing.

Achieving our Third Corporate Founding to deliver value directly to consumers

The predecessors of DNP, Shueisha and Nisshin Printing, were founded in 1876 and 1907, respectively, and merged in 1935 to become Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. After World War II, the company faced difficult business conditions, but in 1951 we adopted a “five-year reconstruction plan” and promoted Expansion Printing to broaden the company's business domains by applying and developing printing technology. This transformation is referred to as our Second Corporate Founding, as it gave rise to the business model that shaped our three current business segments.

During this phase, we mainly provided products and services in response to the needs of corporate clients, but these days, as major changes are taking place in Japan and across the globe, it is important for DNP to observe and address the needs of society and consumers on our own. DNP will be able to create "future standards" only by taking the initiative and accurately understanding social issues, alongside people's expectations. We are working to achieve this goal by embracing a major shift from the "solving customer issues" approach to "creating a better future for DNP and everyone," which we see as our "Third Corporate Founding."

Deepening dialogue with stakeholders and creating a better future

DNP has a corporate culture of continuously taking on challenges. We will promote P&I innovation through "P&I” (Printing & Information) as stated in our business vision by leveraging printing and information expertise cultivated over the years, and further cooperation with a diverse array of partners. New measures will be developed based on our business strategy, financial strategy and non-financial strategy, allowing us to create a sustainable society where people can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

To this end, we will create new opportunities to deepen taiwa (dialogue) with our stakeholders and strengthen partnerships.

PresidentYoshinari Kitajima