President's Message

Creating future standards
DNP will continue to create new value as it contributes to the realization of sustainable, better societies and more fulfilling lives.

The DNP Group continuously maintains its aspiration to contribute to society and enrich people’s lives and incorporates this aspiration into its brand statement, Creating future standards. Imbued with this aspiration, DNP Group employees fulfill their mission of creating an even better future.
We work to ensure that DNP’s products and services provide indispensable value to people as a familiar and constant presence in their lives. To this end, our aim is to achieve a more sustainable and better society while enriching people's lives.

We also believe that healthy societies and economies, alongside comfortable and secure lives can only be achieved on a sustainable planet. In recent years, environmental, social and economic changes have accelerated, and new risks have emerged. Rather than reacting to changes as they occur, at DNP we are working to embrace such variables as opportunities for business expansion.
The DNP Group will synergize its unique strengths in P&I (Printing & Information) and fortify collaboration with its diverse array of partners to solve social issues, create new value that exceeds people’s expectations and enact change for a better future.

PresidentYoshinari Kitajima

Our aspirations