DNP to Launch a New World-Class Dye-Sublimation Digital Photo Printer

This Compact and Lightweight Printer is ideal for Photo Booth, Event Photographers, and ID Photo Solutions

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP) is set to introduce a new dye-sublimation digital photo printer1 which is one of the most lightweight and compact2 printers available in the global market today. The new printer, DP-QW410, expands the existing product lineup, and can be used for photo booth, event photographers, and ID photo solutions. It will be shipped to the global market from the end of October 2019. 

Can be used in a variety of locations and uses, including events, amusements and for ID photos. 

【DP-QW410 Features】

1. Compact and lightweight

Boasting dimensions of 208mm (8.2-inches) in width, 240mm (9.5-inches) in depth,  198mm (7.8-inches)in height, and weighing in at approximately 5.8kg (13 lbs ), the new photo printer ranks among the most compact and lightest of printers available in the global market today. The new photo printer is 42% smaller and 50% lighter than the DP-DS620 / DP-DS620A model. 

At left: currently available DS-RX1HS, Center: currently available DP-DS620 / DP-DS620A, At right: newly produced DP-QW410

2. Flatter prints

With the introduction of this smaller photo printer, the diameter of the paper roll is reduced, thus the photo prints are subjected to curling. However, the DP-QW410 is equipped with an innovative mechanism that reduces the curl of the print, even while maintaining a smaller, compact footprint. 

3. Proprietary 4.5-inch head width 

The new printer employs a proprietary 4.5-inch print head to allow consumers to now print 16:9 wide-ratio photos. By eliminating the need for cropping a wide format image down to a traditional 3:2 ratio (4x6” print) the consumer can preserve the whole image.

4. Energy savings

The photo printer reduces power consumption by approximately 35% compared to the DP-DS620 / DP-DS620A. As a result, battery-powered operations can be extended3 for a greater period of time4.

【DP-QW410 Specifications】

Print format

Dye sublimation thermal transfer

Print resolution


Print size

4×6 inch size (102×152mm)

4×4 inch size(102×102 mm)

4.5×8 inch size(114×203 mm)

4.5×4.5 inch size(114×114 mm)

(By using SDK, it is possible to set a variety of print sizes)

Print speed5

4×6 inch: Approx. 19 seconds, or 22 seconds using curl correcting function

4.5×8 inch: Approx. 24 seconds, or 27 seconds using curl correcting function



Buffer memory

32MB (two screens) 


Compatible with USB2.0 type-B connector

External dimensions

Approximately 208mm (8.2 inches) in width, 240mm (9.5 inches ) in depth, 198mm (7.8 inches ) in height

Weight(main body only)

Approximately 13 lbs (5.8kg)

Power consumption

When printing: Approximately1.7A (100V, 50/60Hz)

When idle: Approximately 0.15A

Printer driver

Windows 7 (32/64 bytes), Windows 10 (32/64 bytes)

Dedicated media

〇Premium Digital Grade: 

 ・4×6inch: 150 print/roll×2 sets

 ・4.5×8inch: 110 print/roll×2 sets

〇Digital Grade

 ・4×6 inch: 150 print/roll×2 sets

 ・4.5×8 inch: 110 print/roll×2 sets

【Price and Future Developments】 

Pricing: Open price

The Dye sublimation photo printer DP-QW410 will be exhibited at the DNP Photo Imaging Europe SAS booth at IAAPA Expo Europe 2019, the amusement industry’s premier event in Europe, to be held in Paris, France between September 17 and 19, 2019.

1)  Dye-sublimation type digital photo printer: A dye-sublimation thermal transfer printer that takes ink from an ink ribbon where a rolled transfer film is coated with the dye-based ink of yellow, magenta, and cyan, and then sublimates, or gasifies, the ink with a thermal head and transfers the same to the receiver paper. In addition to achieving similar high-resolution images as conventional silver halides prints, the dye-sublimation digital photo printer produces superior high-speed prints, while also featuring low equipment introduction costs and easy maintenance based on its compact size. Also, dye-sublimation prints achieve high durability against water and finger prints as a result of the overcoat layer finish.  
2)  Comparison with industrial use dye sublimation digital photo printers based on rolled paper, as of the end of July 2019 according to DNP. 
3)  Possible to select equipment compatible with pure sine wave AC output batteries, such as a portable power supply in excess of 300W.  This product is Class I equipment and must be used with grounded power
4)  Continuous printing for approximately 1 hour or more is possible at a capacity of 200 Wh. Please consult your local dealer for details.
5)  Print conditions:  Comparison with 128 gray-level images, high-speed mode, and glossy finish in an indoor environment with an output condition of 25 ± 5 ℃ and 50 ± 10%.
※Handling may differ according to state or region. Please consult your local contact for further details. 
※Product prices, specifications, and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. Subject to change at any time without notice.

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