DNP in Business Alliance with Arm Ltd. of U.K.

Combines DNP’s eSE and Arm's IoT cloud service Pelion IoT Platform.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce a business alliance with Cambridge, U.K., based Arm Limited (Arm) to create a Next Generation Internet of Things (IoT) Business, forging links between high-security edge computing technology and IoT capable of handling large scale data. The project is set to start from December 2019. 

 In line with the spread of IoT, public attention has shifted focus to edge computing that can be expected to feed into increasingly high-speed communications and more sophisticated data processing. This can be achieved not only through network cloud environment and servers, but also by performing data processing on individual on-site edge devices.

 As a first step in our collaboration with Arm, we will develop IoT services for device manufacturers that combine DNP’s embedded Secure Element (eSE) that is integrated into edge devices, with Arm's IoT cloud service Pelion IoT Platform. A demo will be released on Friday, December 6th at Arm Tech Symposia 2019 Japan1 to be held at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa.

[Alliance Objective]

DNP developed eSE for integrating into IoT devices in 2018, and now supplies this technology to device manufacturers and financial institutions. DNP has acquired tamper- proof technology2 to protect confidential information from external attacks, based on the expert knowledge accumulated during IC card software development. 

eSE securely stores encryption keys and certificates to encrypt and decrypt critical information during communication, and has a proven track record in payment terminals and other fields that require high security. 

Pelion IoT Platform can manage IoT devices, collected data and connection status. Arm has been operating the service on a global basis since 2018.

Amidst expectations that more than 1 trillion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2035, it is also forecasted that apart from the numerous merits available, there will also be a rise in information security-related risks. In this latest development, the alliance partners will provide a highly secure and easy-to-handle IoT service by combining DNP's eSE and Arm's IoT cloud service. In particular, DNP will develop new user-driven system use case studies mainly targeting device manufacturers in the global market, especially Japan and Asia.  

[IoT Service Summary]

 This service can be used by embedding eSE into IoT devices connected to Arm's Pelion IoT Platform.

1.By connecting eSE directly on the edge device board and using it to store critical information, such as IDs, encryption keys, and certificates, it is possible to protect against threats such as tampering and or spoofing, as well as system intrusion by third parties. 

2.By linking eSE-integrated edge devices with Pelion IoT Platform it becomes possible to conduct device management and data extraction, and by performing mutual authentication, it is also possible to carry out management and data communication for each edge device in a safe and efficient manner.

Management services


eSE (images) 

[Looking Ahead]

 DNP will carry out a proof of concept (PoC) using a prototype jointly developed with Arm by the end of FY 2019. Based on the knowledge gained from the PoC, we will engage in the fully-fledged marketing of services and products from FY 2020, aiming for total sales of 1 billion yen over the three years from FY 2021 to FY 2023.

1, For further information on Arm Tech Symposia 2019 Japan, please visit 
2, Tamper-proof technology protects cryptographic keys, circuit processes, and confidential information attached to equipment from analysis by unauthorized means from outside, and can withstand interference. 

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