Dai Nippon Printing Develops Hologram Offering Robust Security Performance and Superior Design Properties

Applying 3DCG Technology to Enable Vivid Expression of Three-Dimensional Objects

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., (DNP) has developed embossed holograms* capable of recreating images of three-dimensional objects created using 3D computer graphics (3DCG). Most notably, using high-resolution CG, this hologram allows convincingly natural presentations of the solidity and texture of objects, including delicate textures like the faint bulge and solidity of architectural structures and patterns found on plants and animals. These superior design properties, in addition to anti-counterfeiting and anti-imitation functions that provide at-a-glance authentication, will allow users to create holograms based on more sophisticated designs.

*Embossed hologram: Hologram featuring optical interference patterns created by embossing fine patterns on the surface of a film. Viewed from varying angles, the colors of the hologram change into rainbow colors. 3D effects can be obtained by tilting the holograms left and right.

Development Background

In recent years, financial losses due to credit card or ID card forgery and damage to the brand names of prestigious manufacturers due to piracy have emerged as serious issues. In response, many businesses have intensified efforts to fight counterfeiting and pirated products.

DNP has developed an embossed hologram that generates solid, realistic images based on 3DCG data on plants, animals, and architectural structures. The superior presentation performance of this hologram makes counterfeiting and piracy more difficult and thereby enhances security.

Expectations for holograms used on brand-name products include superior design properties that enhance product appeal and product value. These are also desirable properties for paper currency and passports due to the close association of these articles with the nation they represent. In addition to strong anti-counterfeiting and antipiracy measures made possible by its superior presentation, the new embossed hologram developed by DNP will enable attractive, intricate designs that enhance product value and design properties.

Product Features

Superior design properties: Combining DNP’s hologram technologies based on electron beam lithography and 3DCG data production technologies improves color reproduction and confers both solidity and delicacy to the objects depicted by the holograms, giving users the power to produce attractive holograms to meet their needs.

Strengthened security functions: The high presentation performance based on 3DCG data makes counterfeiting and piracy extremely difficult. User can enhance security still further by combining the new hologram with microtext, LED light-based authentication*, etc.

* [DNP LED Authentication Hologram] URL: https://www.global.dnp/news/detail/20167044_4126.html

Future Prospects

DNP will continue to develop embossed holograms for products that require robust security, including high-end products for which brand-name protection is paramount; for currency, gift certificates, gift vouchers, and other documents having monetary value; and for identity documents such as passports, national ID cards, and driver’s licenses. We plan to achieve cumulative sales of approximately 1 billion yen over the next three years from 2017.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this news release are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at any time without notice.

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