DNP's New Hologram Enables Authentication via Letters and Pictures Visible When Exposed to LED Light

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed the DNP LED AuthenticationHologram, a new hologram product that enables authentication through lettersand pictures visible only when the hologram is exposed to an LED point lightsource, like the ones found on smartphones. The product will be commerciallyavailable from December of this year.

[Development Background]

Manufacturers of automobile parts, industrial parts, pharmaceuticals, andcosmetics use holograms to verify authenticity-that is, to keep imitations andpirated products out of the marketplace. Conventional hologram products allowauthentication by viewing under a microscope or through special films. However,distributing such tools to all of the sales outlets and custom houses-much lessto general consumers-is impractical. This has led to demand for a method tomake authentication easier.

In response, DNP has developed a new type of hologram that enables easy authenticationby allowing for letters and pictures to emerge when exposed to an LED pointlight source, like those found on smartphones and hand-held LED lights.

[Product Features]

  • The holograms have finely embossed patterns on the surface, allowingfor letters and pictures to emerge on the surface when exposed to LED pointlight sources.
  • The hologram enables authentication by using common LED light sourceslike those found on smartphones* or hand-held LED lights, eliminating thecost and labor associated with distributing dedicated tools like microscopesand special films.
  • Authentication results are readily captured with the standard built-incameras on smartphones and other devices and e-mailed to interested partiesin distant locations.
  • This new hologram can be manufactured without changing the conventionalproduction process, allowing for adoption with no significant increase incosts compared to conventional holograms.
  • Combining this new hologram with existing hologram security elementssuch as microtext allows for further enhancements in security levels.

* The authentication may be less successful with certain LED light sourcesequipped on smartphones and under certain lighting conditions.


left: letters and pictures to emerge on the surface when exposed to LEDpoint light sources / right: DNP LED Authentication Hologram

[Future Prospects]

DNP plans to market this newly-developed hologram to manufacturers of automobileparts, industrial parts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., aiming for salesof 300 million yen in FY2017.

* Product prices, specification and service contents mentioned in this newsrelease are current as of the date of publication. They may be changed at anytime without notice.

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