DNP to Establish Smart Fencing Association

Will enter into a business alliance with Satoru Uyama, Tokyo Olympics fencing Gold medalist

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Smart Fencing1 Association on April 10, 2024. The new association aims to spread the appeal of smart fencing. It will be promoted through a public-private collaboration between DNP, Numazu City (Shizuoka Prefecture), and Kawamata Town (Fukushima Prefecture), where the sport is popular. 

Unlike Olympic-level fencing, which uses actual blades capable of injuring the athletes, smart fencing uses a flexible sword and a conductive jacket. This allows the sport to be enjoyed widely, simply, and safely by anyone, regardless of age or experience. DNP developed smart fencing and launched a business service in July 2019. Mr. Satoru Uyama, the Gold medallist fencer at the Tokyo Olympics, will be appointed a director of the Smart Fencing Association. The association is looking to expand smart fencing opportunities via lectures and related events. DNP has also formed a business alliance with Es.relier Co., Ltd.2, where Mr. Uyama is a director. 

We will also strengthen public-private collaboration with Numazu City and Kawamata Town, aiming to expand the adoption of smart fencing in schools, educational facilities, sports facilities, and companies. For more information, please visit the smart fencing particular site: (in Japanese only)

Smart Fencing official PV


Smart Fencing

(at left)Nobuyuki Asaba, Senior Corporate Officer of DNP, (center) Mr. Satoru Uyama, and (at right) Shuichi Watanabe, General Manager of Contents XR Communication Division of DNP

Establishment of Smart Fencing Association

Fencing as a sporting event is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity in Japan, as Japanese athletes won medals at the recent Olympic Games, and the number of registered members of the Japanese Fencing Federation was at a record high of 6,827 as of March 2024.

On the other hand, fencing requires special equipment, such as dangerously handled swords and armor and scoring equipment, and there have been very few opportunities for people to experience fencing at schools, sports facilities, businesses, and in their local communities. In response to this situation, DNP will establish the Smart Fencing Association, aiming to expand fencing participation and popularity.

Smart Fencing Features and Major Activities

It uses wireless equipment, allowing for easier and safer participation and enjoyment

  • Smart fencing is a service that allows participants to simulate competitive fencing using a dedicated, flexible sword, a conductive jacket, and a smartphone app. 
  • The sword has a built-in sensor and communication device, and when the tip hits the conductive jacket, the sensor reacts and registers a point.
  • The traditional scoring equipment, various cords, and power sources are no longer required. Now, smart fencing can be used in various locations, including outdoors, where no power outlet exists. 

Joint development through public-private partnership with Numazu City and Kawamata Town 

  • Numazu City and DNP are jointly developing a package of smart fencing services to use for competitions and other purposes, such as school education, promotion of health, and official tournaments. Numazu City adopted smart fencing in 2019 after concluding the nation's first comprehensive partnership agreement with the Japan Fencing Association. Currently, Numazu City officials regularly hold briefings on using the system and managing events to boost opportunities for smart fencing within the city. 
  • Kawamata Town is also collaborating with DNP on developing, manufacturing, and quality control smart fencing-related equipment. In addition to safety during use, we also design our products with consideration for the environment so that damaged sword cores can be repaired and recycled in Kawamata Town. DNP will continue supporting recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake through this project. 

Going forward

Through the Smart Fencing Association, DNP is collaborating with numerous organizations, including companies and local governments, and will promote the hosting of official and national competitions and traveling briefing sessions, or caravans, throughout the various regions of Japan. We also aim for the further introduction of smart fencing in educational settings, such as physical education classes. With an eye on overseas expansion, we plan to start marketing smart fencing in Japan and Europe in 2024, including plans to exhibit smart fencing during events in France during the summer.

1: For more information on smart fencing, please visit:

2: Es.relier is a neologism coined from the French words: "Escrime," meaning fencing, and "relier," meaning to tie or connect. For further information, please visit (in Japanese only)

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