DNP Develops Wireless Version of Smart Fencing Program

Simplifies codes equipment and operations for a more convenient, safer fencing experience

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has developed a wireless version of the Smart Fencing program that makes it possible for anyone to enjoy fencing events in a safe and convenient manner anywhere, anytime. The new service will commence from August 2021.

We have offered the Smart Fencing program service to numerous companies and local government organizations since July 2019. Unlike the currently available service, however, with the wireless version there is no need to connect the jacket, sword, referring machine and a cord connecting the power source. In this latest development, it is possible to enjoy a virtual fencing experience by using a flexible dedicated sword, a conductive jacket and a smart phone application.

DNP will propose the newly developed service for sports events hosted by companies and local governments, and are pleased to announce that Mr. Ryo Miyake: Silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics as a member of the foil team, will act as a Special Ambassador. For further information please visit (Japanese only)  

Mr. Satoru Uyama (Official Supporter) and Mr. Ryo Miyake (Special Ambassador)  

 Playing the wireless version of the Smart Fencing

Smart Fencing (Wireless Version)

  • Smart Fencing uses a flexible sword meaning that it can be enjoyed in a simple and safe manner with no regard to age or experience.
  • With the new service it is now possible to enjoy the virtual experience of Wheelchair Fencing, a Paralympic event. It is also possible to conduct multiple contests at the same time. 
  • With the currently available service it was necessary to connect the jacket, sword, referring machine with a dedicated cord, which led to limitations on useable locations. But, the wireless version is structured so that a transmitter and sensor are integrated into the sword, and the smart phone application confirms when the tip of the sword makes contact with the conductive jacket, and notches up a score. This removes the need for the referring machine, the various codes and the power source, meaning events can be held in a variety of places, such as outdoor locations with no power outlets. 
  • Setting up the wireless version of Smart Fencing is simple making for easy event operations. 
  • By projecting the smart phone application screen on a monitor or projector the new service can also be used for events and competitions viewed by many people at the same time. 
  • It is also possible to alter the accompanying audio on the smart phone application, such as the electronic sounds registering the game start or points scored, and by registering the voices of the players or voice actors, it is also possible to enjoy at entertainment events. 
  • We want more people to be able to enjoy the virtual fencing experience and have answered the need for more thorough Covid-19 infection control measures and hygiene considerations by making it easier to disinfect the tools and wear used. Such measures include safety eyewear that can be easily disinfected with alcohol. The jacket used with the wireless version of the Smart Fencing program can also be washed via a cold wash in a normal washing machine


Playing the wireless version of the Smart Fencing

Image of the game being in a seated position

Image of the game being played in free style

Playing the wireless version of Smart Fencing on YouTube

DNP Special Ambassadors and Developers

  • Developer: Mr. Tetsuya Amari (DNP)
    Fencing competition International Referee. Wheelchair fencing competition International Referee. Referee at the Tokyo 2020 fencing events and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic fencing events. 
  • Special Ambassador: Mr. Ryo Miyake (Sponsored by Commons2)
    Silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics as a member of the foil team. For further information please visit (Japanese only)
  • Official Supporter: Mr. Satoru Uyama (Sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Gold medalist at Tokyo 2020 as a member of the épée team. For more information please visit  (Japanese only)
  • W ith the support of the voice actors: Ms. Michii Haruka, who participated in the National Spots Festival of Japan, and Ms. Chisato Mori. For further information please visit (Japanese only), (Japanese only). 


(from left) Mr. Tetsuya Amari,  Mr. Ryo Miyake,  Mr. Satoru Uyama,  Ms. Michii Haruka and Ms. Chisato Mori

Development Background and Looking Ahead

Japanese athletes winning medals at recent Olympic games has dramatically increased the visibility and popularity of fencing events in Japan. Also, given the reduced opportunities for getting out of the house and exercising, amid the ongoing spread of Covid-19, there has been a renewed focus on the need for sports as secondary health problems, such as lower immunity have become a problem. As a result there has been a demand for safe and secure sports management based on the taking of suitable infection prevention measures. 

At the same time, there are virtually no opportunities for ordinary people to experience fencing in their school education, sports facilities, companies or regional facilities. Japan’s competitive fencing population remains around 6,000 people due to challenges, such as the need for special swords along with special equipment for defense and scoring. 

In response to these challenges, DNP developed Smart Fencing in 2019 to allow anyone to enjoy fencing events in a safe and convenient manner anywhere, anytime, regardless of age or competitive experience. Smart Fencing has been experienced by approximately 60,000 people at domestic and overseas events. 

In this latest development, we have developed and have begun marketing a wireless version of the Smart Fencing program that reduces the amount of equipment used and is easier to operate. By bundling the various elements into a single service the new service is easier to adopt. In addition, we have made it easier to disinfect worn equipment, including allowing for the simple disinfection with alcohol of existing goggles and the washing of the wireless jacket. As a result, the equipment used with the new service also supports the thorough implementation of anti-infection measures. 

Going forward, we will support the development of the sports industry by expanding the application of Smart Fencing, including the wireless version, not only at events as a competition experience, but also in education, including school lessons, but also in various other formats, such as healthcare and fitness along with entertainment. 

Contact Information

Please forward all inquiries to Mr. Tetsuya Amari (Sales and Produce Section at DNP)

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