Ms. Shirin Pakfar and Mr. Federico Simcic of UNHCR visit DNP

Opinion exchange held regarding refugee support

Tokyo, October 31, 2023, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) was honored by a visit on October 19 from Ms. Shirin Pakfar, Chief of Section (Private Partnerships and Philanthropy), Division of External Relations, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Mr. Federico Simcic, Senior PSP Officer, PSP Asia Regional, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. While at DNP, an opinion exchange regarding refugee support took place, and the UNHCR representatives expressed gratitude for refugee support provided by DNP.

DNP signed a basic agreement with Japan for UNHCR in 2022, pledging to donate a total of 50 million yen over a period of five years, or 10 million yen each year, in order to broadly and continuously support refugees1

Opinions were also expressed regarding the need for more support in response to the rapid increase in refugees due to the frequent natural disasters seen in recent years.


 (At left) From left, Mr. Kazuhiko Sugita, Senior Corporate Officer, DNP, Ms. Shirin Pakfar, Mr. Federico Simic, Mr. Masayuki Kawai, Executive Director, Japan for UNHCR

(Right) Image of opinion exchange 

DNP considers respect for human rights to be one of the most important social responsibilities a company must fulfill. We advocate humanitarian assistance and disaster recovery support, and contribute to local and international communities as key themes of our social contribution activities.

Comment from Ms. Shirin Pakfar

The world and our private sector partners rallied for Ukrainian refugees in 2022, which enabled UNHCR to carry out lifesaving work that continues today. Though we must not forget the millions of others around the world who have been forced to flee due to conflict, persecution and disasters. There are now more than 110 million forcibly displaced people worldwide; 110 million people who have been forced from their homes in places including Türkiye, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Libya and many more. So we at UNHCR are so grateful for the flexible funding provided by DNP, which allows us to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently, identifying the most pressing needs and saving lives. We hope to continue this strong partnership with DNP, leveraging their technology and expertise alongside this flexible funding to ensure that together, we can deliver the best possible results for people forced to flee.

DNP Refugee Support Initiatives

From 2005 to 2010, as part of our social contribution activities, we donated a portion of the proceeds from the refreshment shop at the DNP Group Sports Festival to Japan for UNHCR. In the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine in 2022, we have pledged to donate 10 million yen each year for five years to UNHCR through Japan for UNHCR. At the same time, on World Refugee Day on June 20 2022, and during Human Rights Week, from December 4 to 10 2022, DNP company cafeterias throughout Japan donated 177,200 yen to Japan for UNHCR, and by offering menu items that included an option to make a donation to support refugees. 


 Image of poster of menu items that included an option to make a donation to support refugees 

1: For more information about refugee support, please visit:

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