DNP Contributes to UNHCR as Support for Refugees

Ongoing promotion of various support activities, including the Support Menu

Tokyo, June 9, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has committed to make contributions to Japan for UNHCR, the official association in Japan which supports UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. We will contribute 10 million yen per year over a five-year period from 2022, or 50 million yen in total, for use as refuge relief activities. Japan for UNHCR is the official contact point for UNHCR in Japan, and is engaged in fundraising and communications activities. 

DNP will also promote long-term refugee support activities, such as the provision of a Support Menu at the company cafeteria, whereby part of the sales to employees will be used in contribution.  

DNP makes contribution to Japan for UNHCR
(At left: Mr. Kenji Miya, Senior managing Director, DNP.  At right: Mr. Masayuki Kawai, Executive Director, Japan for UNHCR

Refugee Support Activities and DNP

The DNP Corporate Philosophy is to “connect individuals and society, and provide new value,” and we have established the DNP Code of Conduct that sets out the actions all employees should take in order to achieve this goal. One such action is “Respect for human dignity and diversity.” This stipulates that we respect the diversity of culture, nationality, creeds, race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age, and modes of thought of each individual, and that we conduct ourselves in a disciplined manner. 

Regarding human rights, we will fulfil our responsibility to respect human rights, by fully understanding that all human rights affected by DNP’s global business activities, must be protected.

In addition, each individual employee will play a more active role from the perspective of being a corporate citizen. We are also unfurling a variety of civic activities, including Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Recovery Assistance, along with Contributions to Regional and International Communities, as priority social contribution activity themes. 

Refugee Support Activity Content

  • We will contribute 10 million yen per year over a five-year period from 2022, or 50 million yen in total, to Japan for UNHCR. As the support will be conducted on a continuous basis over a multi-year period, it will be possible to optimize our efforts by reviewing the status every few years. 
  • DNP also operates a Support Menu at DNP Group company cafeterias in Japan on an ongoing basis, whereby part of the sales will be used in disaster support activities.  Looking ahead, we will add refugee support to this support target, and carry out long term support activities. 
  • In addition to World Refugee Day on June 20th, and Human Rights Month in December, we will link events such as the DNP Sports Day with social movements and in-house functions, and come up with plans allowing all employees to participate in support activities, such as installing donation boxes at business offices and event venues. 

Image of Support Menu: Chicken Stew Stroganoff

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