Ms. Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations Division, UNHCR visits DNP

Company-wide initiatives for human rights to be promoted

Tokyo, April 24, 2024, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) received an April 8 visit from Ms. Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations Division, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. 

The visit by Ms. Hyde marks the second exchange of views between DNP and UNHCR, following that held in October 2023, which included Ms. Shirin Pakfar, Chief of Section (Private Partnerships and Philanthropy), Division of External Relations, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Mr. Federico Simcic, Senior PSP Officer, PSP Asia Regional, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency1, and Mr. Kazuhiko Sugita, DNP Senior Corporate Officer.


(At left) From left, Mr. Kazuhiko Sugita, DNP Senior Corporate Officer, Ms. Dominique Hyde

(Center) Image of opinion exchange

(At right) Tour of ggg (ginza graphic gallery)

Contents of Opinion Exchange

  • Ms. Hyde explained that the number of refugees now exceeds 120 million due to frequent conflicts, such as the conflict in Ukraine, the persecution of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, and the civil war in Sudan along with a series of natural disasters, and that there is a lack of funding for such assistance. The Director of External Relations at UNHCR also expressed her gratitude to DNP for their flexible funding, with no restrictions on usage.
  • DNP presented our company’s ideas and initiatives regarding consideration for human rights, the environment, and local communities. The Company is also working to support refugees through ongoing donations totaling 50 million yen over a five year period, and is working to build a supply chain that takes human rights into consideration in our business activities. Also presented at the meeting were company-wide initiatives for human rights, such as conducting e-learning for all employees to deepen their understanding of the topic, and the company cafeteria offering menu items that include an option to make a donation to support. 
  • In addition, DNP is constantly aware of the power and importance of diversity in its activities, and would like to work even more seriously on refugee support from the perspective of respecting diversity. On this latest visit from UNHCR figures, DNP heard about the growing refugee problem, and was made aware once again of the importance for employees to be more conscious of, and think about, refugee and human rights issues in their daily lives. We were also made aware of the need to take measures to support these initiatives, and in order to achieve this goal, we would like to further cooperate with UNHCR. 
  • The opinion exchanged was held at the DNP Ginza Building, home to the ggg (ginza graphic gallery), which specializes in graphic art and is operated by the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion. Ms. Hyde paid a visit to TDC 2024 (TOKYO TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB EXHIBITION 2024)2 and witnessed DNP's activities that contribute to the cultivation of diverse cultures both in Japan and overseas.

Comment from Ms. Dominique Hyde

”We discussed the growing number of people forced to flee conflict and persecution and what we can do to offer hope and solutions. DNP has been a supporter of UNHCR's work through generous unrestricted donations since 2022. We are grateful to DNP for its continued, long-term support to UNHCR, and we look forward to exploring ways to leverage DNP's technology and collaborative support programs to achieve the best possible outcomes for people forced to flee." 

 1: For more information about the visit to DNP by Ms. Shirin Pakfar, please visit:

2: For more information about the visit by Ms. Hyde to TDC 2024 (TOKYO TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB EXHIBITION 2024), please visit:

3: For more information about DNP donations to UNHCR as refugee support, please visit:

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