Website Operation, Exhibition Participation, Seminar Hosting, and More

(1) Requesting materials through websites, receiving inquiries etc.

We administer many websites to deal with client companies and introduce products and services, and we accept requests and inquiries, etc. for information via a dedicated form or e-mail. In principle, we post the purpose of use and other relevant information regarding the personal information we acquire in such cases on the website. If we do not post details of any non-standard usage of such information, we will only use it to deal with the request for information and respond to the inquiry, and to communicate with regard to the matter at hand. Moreover, we do not provide such information to third parties without first obtaining your consent.

(2) Exhibition participation, seminar hosting, etc.

When we acquire personal information from individuals visiting our booths at exhibitions or from individuals who participate in seminars we host, we explicitly indicate at the event the purpose for which we will use the information. If we do not state how we will use the information, we will only use it for the purpose of running the exhibition or seminar, and will not provide it to third parties without first obtaining your consent.
*Regarding personal data, we will accept requests for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure of personal data, correction, or suspension of use. For details, please refer to the privacy statement on our websites, or at exhibition booths or seminars. Alternatively, please ask for details at one of our points of contact. If you are unable to locate the point of contact, please contact us via the Contact form.(Open in a new window)