DNP Enters into Capital Alliance with ELEKS Japan

Partners to collaborate on providing latest DX promotion support service

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) is pleased to announce a capital alliance with ELEKS Japan, the Tokyo-based subsidiary of ELEKS, a Lviv, Ukraine-based IT service provider.

ELEKS has 15 offices worldwide, comprising 2000 highly skilled specialists, a world leader in advanced technologies, including AI, IoT data science, and blockchain,. ELEKS has also developed a track record involving work on a broad-based variety of more than 650 projects in Europe and USA, including such fields as finance, public infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment.

DNP is engaged in the promotion of Digital Transformation (DX) in order to improve Customer Experience (CX), and in this latest development, we will combine our strengths with those of ELEKS to provide a DX promotion support service that will help client companies transform their business processes.

DNP and ELEKS have jointly engaged on multiple projects since 2018, and in this latest collaboration, we see us combine our respective strengths to provide a DX promotion support service from December 2021. The new service will propose a service product development menu that takes advantage of product and service design based on global research, state-of-the-art technology and developmental methodologies. We aim for sales of 500 million yen (approximately USD 4.5 mln) from the related business over a three-year period.

DX Promotion Support Service Features

1, Consistent support from the business transformation concept to the provision of new services and products

The ELEKS team, comprised of experts in business alliance, including needs analysis and solution proposals, User Experience (UX), and design and system architecture, including system structure and design, will combine with the DNP planning and development team working towards CX value improvement. Together we will support client companies by providing coherent support from transformation concepts, including business vision and business processes, along with the identification of challenges, to the provision of products and services.

2, The adoption and application in real business situations of state-of-the-art technology and development methods

In order to inject ELEKS’ state-of-the-art technology and development methods into the business project promptly, we will cooperate with the ELEKS in-house Center of Excellence that brings together human resources with the requisite specialized strengths to improve DX promotion-driven efficiency and productivity.

3, Track record of providing services across a broad number of fields on a global basis to be used in Japan

We will support domestic companies through efforts including planning and development designed to improve CX value and the development of new services and products. In order to achieve this, we will leverage the strengths of ELEKS’ global research and analysis that has been deployed globally over a broad number of fields, including finance, public infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment.     

Eleks Service and Product Development Process

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