DNP’s Approach to CSR "Three Corporate Responsibilities"

DNP's most important mission is to remain a company that can always be fully trusted by its various stakeholders. We will work to improve our credibility by carefully responding to each of the expectations of our various stakeholders, and by fulfilling the following" three responsibilities."

DNPʼs Three Corporate Responsibilities

Responsibility #1 : Value Creation

The first and most fundamental responsibility of a company to society is "providing new value to society." We are working to link the offering of products and services necessary to the sustainable
development of society to the growth of the company. Through our Business Vision, we will continue to provide new value which contributes to the solution of social issues and meets people’s

Responsibility #2 : Integrity in Conduct

The second responsibility is "practicing fairness and impartiality in value creation processes." No matter how superior or useful to society the value produced is, value is compromised if, for example, environmental damage occurs or laws are broken during the value creation process. Therefore, DNP seeks to fulfill this responsibility by ensuring that all employees always conduct business with integrity in accordance with the DNP Group Code of Conduct.

Responsibility #3 : Transparency (Accountability)

Finally, the third vital corporate responsibility is "being a company that is accountable and highly transparent." DNP achieves accountability by encouraging all employees, during the course of
their regular duties, to engage in TAIWA (dialogue) with stakeholders, listen to their opinions and provide correct information themselves.

DNP Group Vision/Code of Conduct

As preconditions for fulfilling our Three Responsibilities, we have established the DNP Group Vision, the foundation of our business activities, and the DNP Group Code of Conduct, setting forth the conduct with integrity that all employees must adhere to.
The Group Vision comprises the three elements of the Corporate Philosophy, Business Vision and Guiding Principles, showing our commitment to society, to drive the creation of new value that contributes to solving the challenges faced by society

DNP Group Vision

The three elements that compose the DNP Group Vision: Corporate Philosophy, Business Vision and Guiding Principles are explained in further detail through the conceptual diagram below.

DNP Group Vision / Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The DNP Group’s Code of Conduct forms the basis for everything we do toward realizing our Management Concept. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, our employees strive to act with integrity based on a high level of ethics.

  • Contributing to the development of society
  • Social contribution as a good corporate citizen
  • Compliance with the law and social ethics
  • Respect for human dignity and diversity
  • Environmental conservation and realization of a sustainable society
  • Realization of a ‘universal society’
  • Ensuring the safety and quality of our products and services
  • Ensuring information security
  • Proper disclosure of information
  • Realization of a safe and vibrant workplace